Vader Facebook Timeline Cover will Choke You

I am a very big Star Wars Geek, and despite all the flaws of the prequel trilogy I love it all just the same. With Star Wars Day fast approaching we Star Wars fans are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share our excitement for the franchise and repeatedly sharing the pun “May the Fourth Be With You” to an endless response of rolled eyes.

This year however, May the Fourth also sets another Geek landmark – the North American theatrical wide release of The Avengers! I may just explode.

So in an effort to not let The Avengers overshadow Star Wars Day, I am doing my part – with the help of the Official Star Wars Facebook Page to pre-emptively celebrate my enthusiasm.

There, you can download a Facebook Profile Cover image of Darth Vader. He will find your lack of faith disturbing, and you can pair the image up with a profile photo of you grasping at your collar. Vader will then attempt to affirm the power of the Dark Side by throttling you through time and space… and the internet.

This is my current Facebook Timeline Profile:

And as noted on my profile I am from Hamilton, which for the purpose of Star Wars Day I have baselessly decided was founded by Mark Hamill and was originally called Hamilltown… the town name was dropped when we became a metropolis, and was thus dubbed Hamilton.

None of that is true, but the droids you are looking for are right over there…

And while you are at it, you can get your own Timeline Cover image at Official Star Wars Facebook Page.

Editor’s note: There’s also the two rather amazing-looking Star Wars-themed Facebook cover banner I recently made, both downloadable from this location.

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