Texting Can Help Fix Teen Problems

Nancy Lublin organises a social change website called DoSomething.org, which focuses on enlisting teens to make a difference in the world. When DoSomething changed tactics to start focusing on SMS-based marketing, it unexpectedly started receiving texts from troubled teens reaching out for someone to talk to.

She’s setting up a text-only crisis hotline to allow teenagers to have somewhere that they can message, using a medium that they’re completely used to in today’s world. She discusses the enormous possibilities that setting up such a text hotline could have in terms of the data gathered and what that could mean for understanding teen problems and taking steps towards reducing and possibly eliminating them.

Is the power of texting strong enough to truly make a difference here? Would you use a text hotline if you had a crisis?

[Via TED]


4 Responses to Texting Can Help Fix Teen Problems

  1. Nancy Lublin is mostly right about the power of texting, but saying it can or will save more people than penicillin is an unfathomable exaggeration.

  2. I could see using it. Texting someone about a highly emotional situation could be much easier than having to call them.

  3. As someone who suffered bad anxiety and depression for many years I tried in vain to find a help line service that didnt require me to talk out loud as my anxiety prevented me from doing so. This is an amazing idea. I wish it had been around when I was younger.

    • As a fellow depression and anxiety sufferer I can wholeheartedly agree. Phone calls are agony for me, I would have loved to have had a texted based hotline when I was in serious need of someone to talk to. Fantastic idea, only wish they'd thought of it sooner.

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