Sound Activated Android-Destroying-Apple Tee

Android fans: wear it proud, wear it loud. Sound activates a mini light show that sees lasers from little Android’s eyes shooting and burning away the dirty little Apple.

Apple fanboys beware – the laser-eyed Android is coming for you. And it’s powered by 4xAAA batteries.

Available in “Chinese XL” at Chinavasion for $8.19 (though the price goes down if you order more!). Having grown up in Hong Kong, I understand the necessity of saying “Chinese XL” rather than simply “XL”. ;)

[Sound Activated Android-Destroying-Apple Tee | Via Geek Alerts]


2 Responses to Sound Activated Android-Destroying-Apple Tee

  1. Chinese XL…Walmart sells 90% percent of those size of shirts…most of my shirts are C XL