Must Watch: StarWars The Old Republic – Hope [Fan Film]

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Star Wars fan film that left such an impression on me, and even though this is supposed to be a fan film, the project was clearly made by very competent and dedicated professionals.

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  1. They didn't get the story straight out of the hat though, it's a perfect replica (story-wise and also technically from the different camera points of view and angles) of one of the 3 introductory videos from the MMO "The Old Republic" (which are in chronological order "Return", "Hope" and "Deceived" and tell the rise of the Dark Lord of the Sith Malgus), which I can also recommend for the viewing pleasure.

    But though it is not an original piece of work, what they accomplished here also quite startled me (in a VERY good way).

  2. whoever coreographed the ambush has the tactical sense of a chipmonk. The "highly experienced" and "battle-hardened" republic troops not only had the high ground at the begening, they also had the advantage of suprise; ie a textbook ambush. They should have taken out the heavy units (the Sith and the battle droids) first (FIRST) with their heavy weapons, which they did not. Then they surrendered the high ground to engage a superior enemy in close-quarters combat. This is UNSANE. They also had no Jedi support, no air support and no artillery. Litteraly, Ewoks did a better job.

    Pretty movie, though.

  3. Pretty close to the original from CG scene from the MMORPG game. A couple of things though…..One it just doesn't seem right with it being in French and second…What they couldn't get a female to play the role of the Jeid Knight who came in and saved them?

  4. Emily, I disagree, the french sounds great telling a story or anguish, betrayal and indeed even hope. As to your second this was an actors showcase for 3 actors (Trooper, Satele, and Malgus), I imagine if any one of the actors that were showcased were female they would have been asked to play Satele.

  5. That was really good for fan made. I'd really like to see them write some new shorts on their own, not just live actions of the game trailer.

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