Playing WOW Can Help You Get Some [Video]


Apparently, playing World of Warcraft can help you get some. I’m not sure where those stats come from, but hey, if Lou Ferrigno says it, it must be true! What do you guys think? True or False?

Thanks Greg!

11 Responses to Playing WOW Can Help You Get Some [Video]

  1. I'd say its completely true. My gf plays WoW with me, so does my 3 friends' gf. and One of my girl friend's bf plays because of her too. Not several of my guildies are couples playing together. In my last guild the GMs were husband and wife.

  2. I'm not fat, pizza faced, but I am a nerdy chick. Posting arrogant, douche bag,offensive things online do not get you some.

  3. I am a geeky chick who has had 2 relationships with guys met through WoW, over the course of 4+ years. Now, I am engaged to be married to the love of my life (whom I met through SWTOR and with whom I also play WoW and other games). The simple truth is: if you hang out in an environment where there are like-minded folks sharing an activity that you love and that encourages regular team work (i.e. for MMORPGs, time spent together doing RBGs, wpvp, RP, PVE raiding, etc.)… well, that certainly increases the odds of meeting a compatible partner, as opposed to say a random meeting place such as a bar, where the only thing you have in common is booze.

  4. I got my mathlete boyfriend into wow!
    I didn't play it but we had heard he would love it so I bought it for him!

  5. I have 3 pairs of friends where the two friends found love through games. 2 more- where games are their common past time. And 5 of my close friends have dated gamers before or have found temporary sexual salvation in their hands.

    ….. Lucky bastards. My girl steers so far from gaming that Machinarium or Portal are the only games I could persuade her to play in 4 years….

    Welll…. at least she understands my needs.

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