MARVELous Fashions

It’s no secret that I’m a fashionista. For as much time as I spend reading comics and saving space, I waste equal amounts scoping out the latest fashion trends. The idea that being a nerd somehow means you’re stuck wearing baggie comic book tees (which I usually turn into dresses) and raggedy jeans is an age old stereotype. The chic geek of today’s world combines power with pizazz. One of my favorite fashion blogs I follow is looking MARVELous on Tumblr. Check out some of these comic inspired themed outfits! Would you wear any of these?

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  1. How do so many female comic book characters fight wearing hooker shoes? Is that ever in a list of a character's powers? Ability to fight crime while wearing the shoes of a hooker?

  2. they are all really well done, with, perhaps the exception of emma's shoes, but the high points for me at least, are that bucky as well as the cable outfit.

    and, in the spirit of full disclosure, theres nothing a woman rockin' that dagger could ask me to do that i would say no to.

  3. I'd wear spidey, but the rest aren't really my style. Mad creativity props to whoever put them together, though!

    • For the record: by "whoever," I did mean, "the specific person over at MARVELous, whose name I do not know but probably could have discovered by the time I finish typing this sentence, oh well."

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