Introducing Google’s New Cloud Storage Solution: Google Drive

Google has just launched Google Drive, the company’s new cloud storage solution. How does Google Drive compare to the competition? Here’s a small comparative graphic from Gizmodo that will tell you everything you need to know about most of the different options that are available out there.

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  1. why is sugarsync not here? or promoted on any website for that mather?!
    Really, I was very dissapointed of gdrive for not implementing individual folder sync/upload. Say I am a grafic designer and a freelance writer at the same time but I like to keep my work seperate. I keep my writing in a folder on the D partition and my design portofoliu in a special folder on the E partition alongside with very large pdfs, tiffs, and other stock elements that I use in my design. Do I need to start saving all my works (writing and design) in the same folder to sync or would it be more easy to just add eatch folder from those different partitions at the begining and not have to worry about having the latest version in the sync folder?
    SugarSync does exactly that. no wasted space, no confusion, no rearanging of files and routines in my workflow.

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