How Some People Handle Computer Maintenance [Comic]


Oh the number of times I’ve seen this happen. Good thing we’re geeks and don’t do this sort of thing…right?

[Via Pleated Jeans]


6 Responses to How Some People Handle Computer Maintenance [Comic]

  1. Oh, so it's USERS that cause my health insurance costs to be so high. Tech support must be considered a high risk field with all the strangling going on.

  2. I'm very nice to the technicians in my life. Especially the ones who share a little wisdom with you. But then again, I make sure "my life" is secured every two weeks in a DropBox, on another hard drive, and a Sims 3 Plumbob I got with my game. When all else fails, I pop a CD in. I'm also obsessive about updates..soo…yeah.

    I still bow when there's stuff that happens outta my jurisdiction, though. There's a lot of talented people out there. If I screw up, I just tell the truth and ask questions. I don't blame 'em for my errors! :-P

  3. Get told by technician that ID-10-T errors were the cause. Thank said technician for fixing them.