Apple Cologne

Air Aroma has created a cologne that smells like a new Apple product being unpackaged.

A distinctive scent can be observed when unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging. Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell. The scent created for Greatest Hits encompasses the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and of course the aluminum laptop which has come straight from the factory where it was assembled in China.

I don’t even know what to think of this.  People are products, man.  Now we even smell like them.

via Geekologie


8 Responses to Apple Cologne

  1. Apple product packaging (boxes etc) is scented to begin with, I expect this to disappear as quickly as it showed up, as without doubt there is a patent on that composition.

  2. Hahahaha… this is ridiculous, the fanatism for apple is ridiculous. Apple is controling people, but fortunately exists android which is 1000 times better, not posesive and user friendly. One of the things that i hate from apple is that their hardware is good but why do they want to control everything, no sharing via bluetooth, cant sync with multiple pcs, cant install apps from another stores (i am not thinking in cydia nor installous) no widgets, no, no, no… but what if i like those tasks? For that reason I love Android, even if it doesnt smell good… lol

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