It’s-a Me, Maria! [Pic]

This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Enji Night, whom we featured on [GAS] in the past for her awesome Lady Firefox and Supergirl costumes, cosplaying as a gender bender version of Mario. So geeks, which version do you prefer, this one, or the one we posted as part of our C2E2 post?

[Enji Night | Via]

14 Responses to It’s-a Me, Maria! [Pic]

  1. dear lord, hard to come up with a tactful answer. well, maybe, i can try subtlety, assuming it isnt lost on the populace:

    i'd prefer to walk into a con with this representation, but i'd prefer to go home with the other.

  2. Enji Night FTW. This one gives off an "innocent cuteness" that really makes it work. The other, while indeed attractive, focuses way too much on the fanservice to the point where it detracts from the cosplay.

  3. I would say the geek community is losing its integrity, but I am all to well aware that people who claim to be "geeks" these days actualy aren't. We are being over run by perverts and superficial women, when did geekiness become about the enjoyment of some attention seeking erson dressed up instead of the enjoyment of the character?

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