Anything is Possible When You Get a Geek For a Girlfriend! [Pic]

Thanks Ned!


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  1. Sorry, but I can't get past spelling Hamill wrong and using For instead of 4. A real geek girl wouldn't make those mistakes.

  2. This Geek Girl wants to slap teh textspeak out of the head of ANYONE who claims that I would EVER use the number 4 instead if the word “for”.

        • The official "Left 4 Dead" blog, the official Valve Software "Left 4 Dead" page, and the Wikipedia article "Left 4 Dead" (along with 132 other articles referenced at the end of it) disagree with you.

        • even the file names are L4D*.* google has no reference for a "Left For Dead" but I did like her original post, even if Hammill was way better in Jay and Silent Bob then as that skywalker wuss.

  3. Too predictable I think.

    "Look at your woman, now look at me, now look at your woman, unfortunately if she stopped being the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and changed into the Princess of Hyrule, she could be me. Look down, then back up. Where are you? You're at comic con. What's in your hand? It's a replica of Apreture Science's handheld portal device. Look again, the gun has turned into an Alienware PC with the most up to date version of Minecraft, where we would build houses together and build our own kingdom."

    I am aware that even a windows 98 could handle the low res Minecraft, but just think of how epic youu would feel with an Alienware PC to play it on!

  4. If she was a geek she could have read a song of ice and fire and then watched game of thrones and critiqued. Plus if she was also a geek she could go and see the premiere of dark knight rises for nolan’s take on the dark knight saga whilst making reference to the comics.. what a stereotyping of a geek girl! You don’t have to play vid games to be a geek girl that’s a cheap shot when it should be a mmorpg instead..

  5. Hello there,

    Look at your girlfriend, now look at me, now back to your girlfriend, now back just to me, unfortunately she isn't me, but if she stopped watching Jersey Shore and switched to Game of Thrones she could be. Look down, now back up, Where are you? You're at a convention, meeting Stan Lee with the girl your girlfriend could be like. What's in your hand? It's tickets to The Avengers opening night…. look the tickets are now XBox36 controlers, and with this girls help we can get all achievements for Portal co-op and ME3. Anything is possible when you have a geek for a girlfriend.

    I'm playing Skyrim.

      • lol I know it's a 360 Not sure why the "0" didn't show up I'm also missing the "2" in Portal 2. I swear I typed them I blame my phone.

        The spelling mistake is all me, I may been a geek but it's doesn't mean I can spell ;)

  6. She may not know how to spell the names of the games correctly, but at least she's trying to become a gamer (hey, and she's not talking about Kirby and sh*t of the sort that other "gamer" girls play), at least her role model isn't Snookie. Give her some credit for all that. Now I'm off to play Gears of War 3 mofos.

  7. Aw, Lizz bit me to it…

    Why hello there.

    Look at your girlfriend, now look at me, now back to your girlfriend, now back to me. Unfortunately… she isn't me. But if she stopped reading trashy magazines and switched to Wheel of Time, she *could* be me.

    Look down. Now back up. Where are you? You're at a convention, meeting Leonard Nemoy with the girl your girlfriend could be like.

    What's in your hand? They're tickets to the midnight premiere of The Avengers.

    Look again. The tickets are now lightsabers, and with this girl's help you can have an epic battle with the Dark Side all night long.

    Anything is possible when you have a geek for a girlfriend. I am Zelda.

  8. And the reason so many of you DON'T have geek girlfriends? Rife with pedanticism. God it is such a turnoff. I'll stick with my non-geek, poor spelling, manual labouring, NICE boyfriend, tyvm.

  9. LOL at the grammar nazi comments… If you were getting laid by a sexy geek girlfriend who does loads of fun geek activities with you, you wouldn’t give a shit about whether she spelt a name slightly wrong. Also, its a facebook status, not a published thesis. I find it pretty misogynistic that as soon as a girl confidently shows off some geeky prowess the men feel threatened and have to rip her to shreds over minor spelling errors. Everyone gets hate on the internet but women get the most. And they say sexism is dead…

    • if she was a real geek, she'd care about the names she was dropping, and therefore be able to spell them. Showing off about somebody because you heard the name on an episode of "Big Bang Theory" is not the same as geeking on the subject.

    • I'm not with you, sorry. At least some of the errors were flaws in the very geekdom that was being claimed, and I think that wasn't to do with gender. "I love playing Calling Duty on my Sega Wee" is wrong from anyone.
      It's still a bit unfair to really attack her as I guess she posted this privately to her friendslist, though, not expecting supernova status.

      Casual misogyny IS here in the use of 'girl' as a parallel to 'man', presuming she's adult.

  10. I don't have a geek girlfriend, she's my wife. She has her own computer next to mine so we can pwn Civ multiplayer side by side. (and yeah, we started seeing each other after I fixed her sound card, it does happen)

  11. Irrelevant. I wouldn’t date a girl that watched Jersey Shore. And anyone worth his salt is playing Left 4 Dead 2 on PC, not L4D on Xbox.

    • Your just being elitist about PC gaming. Some people prefer consoles to computers. Just like some prefer Xbox to PS3 its all relative. I couldn't imagine playing L4D or L4D2 on a PC just like i couldn't imagine playing any MMO on a console.

  12. Look at your girlfriend. Now back to me…..No, wait, I'm sorry you don't have a girlfriend. Forget I said anything.

    Tehehe – Foldi-roll.

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