Amazon Deal of the Day: 60% Off How The Universe Works [Blu-ray] – $7.99

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has How The Universe Works on Blu-ray for just $7.99. That’s 60% off the documentary’s usual retail price of $19.98.

How The Universe Works shows you how the cosmos is designed, built and how it actually works. From the beginning of time, stars, galaxies, planets, solar systems and more have been working individually and together to produce all that is and all that we see. See as never before the inner workings of our world, and explore black holes, supernovas, neutron stars, dark energy and all the titanic forces that make us who we are. With a dynamic cast of experts and a new generation of CGI, How the Universe Works looks under the celestial hood to reveal the inner workings of outer space: the story of how it’s made and how it runs. This is your ultimate Cosmos Operator’s Manual.

How The Universe Works [Blu-ray]$19.98 $7.99 (60% Off)


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