The #1 Reason Why You Should NOT Text While Walking [Video]

Holy. Crap. Bet this guy soiled his pants while running away from that bear!

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  1. Quite possibly the stupidest thing you can do here is to run. A bear can outrun your average person. Granted there are options in this case like diving into a house or car. But usually. DO NOT RUN.

    • Honest question: does that really work–or even matter–in a human type environments like a town or city? In the forest, where the bear is probably hungry and territorial, I can understand why running is a Bad Idea (keep the eye catching motions to a minimum and realizing you've got no place to run all adds up).

      In a city though, the bear is probably confused (or taking a vacation from it's forest). And if it found a trash can it's not likely to be hungry (though maybe it's got indigestion). And a human being will have a place to run away TO unlike in a forest. Especially in narrow spaces with sharp turns (like an alley), I'd think the human would have the advantage.

      Honestly, if it were me, I'd run… but only if I wasn't in a forest and had a safe place to run to. Otherwise I'd walk away very very cautiously….

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