New Promo Shot: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman [Pic]

I don’t know why this horribly cropped promo shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was released in the first place… but who am I to decide what should be considered a good or bad promo pic?

[Via Topless Robot]


12 Responses to New Promo Shot: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman [Pic]

  1. It's hot, but this doesn't quite fit in with the realism they went for in the first two movies. (Especially the second.)

  2. not enough ass, and her facial features are too……….innocent to be a cat woman. hopefully she acts really well in this role cause im already not impressed

  3. *eye twitches* Where do I start with this…? It looks like a strange combination of the 60s and the 90s Catwoman costumes. And the heels… aren't we past the heels already??? (I had so hoped they'd put her in boots like the newest outfit or AT LEAST given her slipper shoe things like the silly purple outfit had in the 90s.)

    I think Hathaway has potential, but darn if this outfit doesn't come across as SILLY rather than sexy. Pfeiffer could pull off having the skin-tight 'extreme' Catwoman thing cause she had a crazy sexy vibe going. Hathaway just DOESN'T have that. I'm hoping her acting is strong enough to shine through the absurdity which is her outfit. :(

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but…. really…. they should have stuck with a "themed" outfit for Catwoman. (Very vaguely based off the NEWEST outfit.) Toned down a lot of the silly theatrical elements of Catwoman's outfit and focused on the bits that'd actually be practical for a thief.

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