Sexy Geek Cosplay: Heroes + Villains Photography [Pics]

Yesterday evening, while I was calmly sipping a soothing cup of green tea, reflecting back on a great day at the sugar shack, I received an email from Atlanta, GA-based artist Philip Bonneau with this simple title: Thought you would like these. So, with my interest piqued, I opened the attached pictures, and well, let me show you what I saw. I think you ladies (and others who admire the male form… or just well done photography) will especially appreciate!

Those are amazing, aren’t they?

This collection of images is based around adults reconnecting with their childhood and remembering what it was like to pretend. As most people age that imagination gets lost somewhere in the shuffle of adult life. Stress takes over. The dreams shift from the fantastical to, for some, just getting by and making ends meet. I strive to bring that sense of wonder back to adults.

For those interested, Philip is selling some of those pictures as photographic prints at his etsy shop.


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  1. wow wow…I came here as usual and what I find? Some people trying to connect their inner child to theirselves…__what a result anyway…well…done…pictures!__(wow)__think I'll print some of them for scientific purposes and hang them on the wall.__Only to see if gravity works.__(wow)

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