Nintendo’s Attempt at Making a Viral Video

So geeks, what do you guys think? Good, good enough, or bad?



20 Responses to Nintendo’s Attempt at Making a Viral Video

  1. I kind of get what they were trying to do, like in 21 Jump Street where they had a dig at movie rehashes when the movie itself was one. But they had good writers, this just doesn't work, or at least not for me!

  2. I actually quite like it – but then I really like Joel McHale and I've already got one, so I may be biased…

  3. Nope, not only does 3-D anything not work, but this video was horrible. Sorry Nintendo, but if it wasn't for Geeks Are Sexy I would have never ever watched you.

  4. well i guess it was better than most of nintendo's crappy adverts but… the camera work looked like it had been done by uni students who were really trying too hard to make it look like it wasn't trying (seriously, with camera quality, crappy extras standing around looking awkward and lighting like that?)

  5. Listening to two guys trying to figure out how to advertise something doesn’t make me want to buy it, even if one of the guys is Joel McHale. It actually makes me want to buy it less because the company itself doesn’t seem to know what’s good about it.

    This reminds me of the recent Internet Explorer ad with the guy who hates Internet Explorer. Self-deprecation is all well and good and charming or whatever, but it doesn’t give me any confidence in your product.

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