Awesome Nintendo 64 Coffee Table [Pic]

This awesome Nintendo 64 Coffee table was made by Keenan Bosworth as a gift for a lucky friend. Unfortunately, the table isn’t for sale, but Keenan is currently detailing the built process, which will be available on an Instructables page when finished.

[Source: Reddit | Via NA]

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  1. It looks like 1 long 4×4 with 4 posts and 4 other posts cut at 45* angles

    should take a few mins to measure
    10 mins to cut… and then you can either use wood glue, nails, or a combo of both… and then paint

    Then add suction cups to the top of the wood to hold the glass on

    But as far as selling it – since it's a trademarked name, it won't happen except for 'under the table' sales unless a mass producer gets permission from nintendo and gives royalties

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