Dorkly Comic – Gaming: Then and Now

By Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly.

Oh the truth, how it hurts!

[Source: Dorkly | Via MUO]

6 Responses to Dorkly Comic – Gaming: Then and Now

  1. Haha. I agree with most of them. Although, being able to save instead of writing down passwords isn't a bad thing as portrayed in this comic. Besides, some games didn't even have a save. *Shudders at Jurassic Park for the Gameboy*.

    • Or the original Game&Watch's (remove batteries to turn off). Although I do enjoy playing my Zelda Game&Watch from the start every time :3

  2. "Rewarding", LOL. I hate to make the rose colored glasses argument, but it's pretty unscrupulous to not address the fact that playing old games as children has warped our opinions on video games.

  3. I agree with most of these… I remember the the save feature on the first Zelda game on the NES was cool, yet so unreliable that sometimes you saved and when you came back your character wasn't even there anymore… Bummer…

  4. Um…am I the only one wondering if that Mario question board is actually real…and if so….I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • it's more real than ya know and it makes me want to go drink cyanide just so i don't have to live with knowing they exist.

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