“Then I have some bad news for you”? Well… I guess it depends of the perspective! :)

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  1. Well, then, by that definition, I'm not a geek. Course, I do have a bit of a thing for redheads, and I'm far and away not a tabletop gamer, so I would prioritize that pic a little differently anyway…

  2. What if I saw the girl first, then thought it was EXTRA sexy that she had a D20 in her mouth? Does that make me a super-geek, or just a guy with good taste in women? :)

  3. This doesn't show a girl, just a close up of a girl's chin. And the focus is on the D20. Yeah, try again, get some boobs in the pic and then if anyone notices a D20 that isn't the focus of the shot, they might be a geek.

  4. seeing as the image is focused on the d20 youre eyes are going to go there before you can tell what anything is in the photo. its basic photography.

  5. And that news is that the focus is on the d20, the girl is pale enough that her skin is essentially negative space, her hair is dark enough that it is essentially background, and her lips are thin enough to mostly just frame the d20.

  6. Despite the photography tricks that have been employed and explained here already….
    If you are a geek and see a girl with a D20 between her lips (which suggests that she too is a geek), now where is the bad news in that? Perfect conditions to hook up.

  7. I am a geek, but I noticed the dice first because I'm also a chick, and don't care about the chick nomming on them.

  8. Or you might be a geek by over analyzing a picture about how much of a geek you are or how much you are not. In general if it didn’t have the caption a lot of people would be able to recognize the die and would be able to relate to it even if your not a table top gamer. Like myself.

    P.S. It’s a lovely picture and I would hang it proudly on my wall, with the caption.

  9. I saw the picture… then the girl… then *focused* on the d20 because I wondered why on earth she'd use her mouth to roll it. Duh, she should have used levitate.

    …I'm still a geek, aren't I? Oh, wait…. I've known that since I was EIGHT.

  10. actually as an art room nerd… i must say the cropping on the photo is a little unfortunate.. the d20 is a little to crowed to the edge of the frame which means even though it is the thing in the main focus…it still takes a little bit of effort to find it…..i love everything about this image except the unfortunate composition..

  11. I noticed both, but only because if kissing the die works in Vegas, she could spit critical rolls left and right in game.

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