Navlit: A ‘Group’ Social Network

Apparently there’s a new social network trying to break through the Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Google+ dominance with a unique selling point: there’s no personal profiles.

Navlit is supposedly meant to be about creating private groups where you can chat about things – frats & sororities, co-workers, classmates, family, social circles. It creates exclusive pockets for you to communicate in…I guess.

It’s currently in private beta so, for now, I have no real idea of how it works. Lev Novak at Hack College believe it’s the way of the future for better group organisation and keeping your private group affairs private.

I’m just wondering how they plan to get people over the hurdle of having to have multiple social networks to log in to – which was what I found was a major reason among people I’ve talked to as to why they didn’t move over to Google+.

What do you think? Social network that will change the face of group communications or likely to be a dud?

[Via Hack College]

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