Google Teases a First Look at Project Glass

Google has always been innovative and coming up with the future before we are ready for it. There was talk about a project featuring a device that would deliver the power of the internet in a wearable device and today I tripped over this video on Google’s channel that spills the beans on what they are working on.

Check out Project Glass:

I think this is an amazing concept. Many of the things that this mobile connected device promises we already try to do with a number of devices like smart phones and tablets. These glasses look to anticipate your needs and deliver that content without having to pull your phone out or always issue commands.

Of course, despite how cool this appears, what they don’t show is the user. No matter how magical this device could be, I wonder what you might look like wearing them. Will this have a multitude of styles to fit your fashion? Can the lens be prescription or will this only be for those blessed with perfect vision? Will it be a lens at all?

This likely is going to hinge on how silly you might look wearing them.

Rumor says we might even see this device for sale later this year, or at least a more functional version to show off.

The future is now.


19 Responses to Google Teases a First Look at Project Glass

  1. "This likely is going to hinge on how silly you might look wearing them."

    This is a geek blog that routinely posts pictures of cosplayers and humping Mortal Kombat characters. I fail to see how "looking silly" wearing glasses like these would even be brought up here.

      • I, of course, meant it as tongue-in-cheek. Everyone has their own opinions. I was just implying that geeks tend to not care about how silly they look, only that it's cool. :-)

  2. If I'm understanding this right – Now with this they can actively catalog your preferences as you talk about them, not just as you enter them. Talk about a boon to advertisers. It may be a new level of cool for information, but it's also a new level of corporate (and government along with it) invasiveness.

  3. Now can we reverse those and record people we speak with. Especially do business with. Since so many people can't do there jobs right, I would love some recorded accountability!!!

  4. This was shockingly underwhelming. First off, this looked like a mock-up of what they want the product to do. Secondly, it didn't strike me as anything other than an always-on Siri.

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