Find the Cat in the Photos [Pics]

Find the Cat in the Photo4

I have to admit, when I first saw these I was sure that they were a hoax designed to waste my time. I have since found all five kitties.

Warning: it’s not easy. Only a true geek will be victorious.

Find the Cat in the Photo2

Find the Cat in the Photo3

Find the Cat in the Photo5

Check out the comments in Pleated Jean’s post if you’re going insane and need some help!


7 Responses to Find the Cat in the Photos [Pics]

  1. while looking at these pictures I'm always afraid that suddenly there will be a loud sound and a horrible picture flashing in… I think I may be traumatized by some of those shock-pictures ;)

    • Just right click and save image (don't have to save it) if it says JPEG you're safe. :p Plus I don't think GAS would do such a thing.

  2. Cool…funny how once you find them you can't miss them, but the one in the junkyard pic took me a while to find!

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