Amazing Triforce Lamp [Pic]

Built with a Poplar frame, birch face, and acrylic yellow plastic triforce. The sides of the lamp are stylized with 8-bit pixelated goodness that casts great light around the room.

The lamp is bigger than it looks (that picture frame is a biggun), measuring 11 inches along each side. The bottom is almost entirely open, allowing east access to the bulb, and making the lamp perfect for hanging over a table or corner chair. Bulb included is a 60w equivalent florescent bulb, and I wouldn’t suggest using incandescent bulbs due to their increased heat (and other icky side effects like energy usage). Top portion has a secret door, allowing you to move the cord from a hanging style top exit to a table style bottom one.

Piece is built with two 1/8th inch holes to hang with a small cable. A 6-foot Cable and hardware are included, but requires a pair of pliers to crimp after attaching. This allows you to make the hanging wire as long as you need it to be, or leave it off entirely if it is going to live on the night stand.

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