MUST WATCH: Skyrim (Main Theme) by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling [Music Video]

You guys have to watch this, like, right now. Seriously. This is awesome beyond words.

This was our own arrangement of The main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls which was composed by Jeremy Soule. He is an amazing artist and it amazing to work with such fantastic music.

Thanks Mark!


9 Responses to MUST WATCH: Skyrim (Main Theme) by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling [Music Video]

  1. Must Watch(my thoughts: "Yeah, we'll see"): Skyrim theme by Peter Hollens &(Mmm… Meh.) Lindsey Stirling(What. MUST SEE!!!)

    (having now seen it) O.K. Three things. 1) Only one voice and one violin? Dang. 2) And I thought she looked hot in her other videos! 3) I must now play Skyrim. 4) Everything I've just said, while all true, cannot encompass the epicness of this video, nay, this work of art.

  2. Very impressive — although to nitpick, I kind of wish they'd made her bow strictly a magical staff, to see it wielded as a sword kind of jarred me out of that whole willing suspension of disbelief. Seriously beautiful otherwise.

  3. There is literally nothing you cannot like about this video and a cute violinist is always a recipe for success.

    • if in your land. obnoxious means mind-blowingly precious, then i heartily agree.

      her elfin beauty is so incredibly perfect, that nasa scientists calibrate their most delicate and sensitive instruments from it.

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