Kinect Star Wars Will Destroy Your Childhood Memories

Warning: Watching the following videos may traumatize you for life.


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20 Responses to Kinect Star Wars Will Destroy Your Childhood Memories

  1. I don't know why there's been so much hate for this. Fanboys need to lighten up and stop taking Star Wars so seriously. There's no redemption at this point so lets just roll with it and have some fun. This actually looks fun and is LMFAO hilarious! Heck if I had an XBox and Kinect I'd buy Star Wars Kinect JUST for this game mode.

  2. I've seen some comments saying that with this game release, Jar Jar Binks is no longer the worst thing to come out of the Star Wars franchise. People have forgotten that Star Wars hit rock bottom with their holiday Christmas special 30 years ago. Nothing they do could possibly be worse.

  3. Hey, no problem guys, over the years, I’ve realized that Lucas was a hack and all the people that helped make a great set of movies moved on or died. So, his mask as a terrible person was out long ago, he will sell out his characters for any amount of cash, no problem. Star Wars was my first love after Star Trek, but no more…

    • And nothing he has done is truly Innovative…any innovations he claims were done by others under his employ.

  4. I was looking forward to this game. Then I started seeing and hearing bad things about it, so I became unsure. Then I saw this. I'm so buying it! It looks so bad and ridiculous that it actually looks awesome!

  5. There is no way Han Solo enjoys this type of music. He's a classic rock guy if ever there was one. He'd never take centre stage and dance like a wally in a club.
    In fact I don't think anyone in the Star Wars universe would enjoy this.

    Not to mention that the bulk of Star Wars fans who theyd hope would be paying money for this crap don't like dance music either.

    However I enjoy that the names of dance moves are things like 'trash compactor' and 'wookiee hug'.

  6. I think they're all leaving positive or otherwise noncritical comments just to be contrary, as we nerds always seem to gravitate towards that. It's a hilarious phenomenon, really. :P

  7. I appreciate the dislike of the new game.

    I absolutely detest the use of the word rape in the headline. Get a grip, please, and don't be another site that mis-uses this word.


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