This Is Why We Go To University

They think the geeks are in science? No way, Arts is where the real nerd party’s at.

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  1. I quoted the Family Guy theme song to begin my senior thesis on remakes, and how the newer movies have more sex, violence and profanity. Yeah Communications majors.

  2. In our general studies exam in high school, we made a pact to try and fit in as many cartoon character references as we could. My friend won with 12 :3

  3. For my HS Senior Year English Research paper I did the difference between Chivalry and Bushido (all the aspects not just the codes) and I used the Black Knight vs King Arthur clip from Holy Grail to illustrate the style of fighting more commonly used in that section of the world

  4. In college I cited Star Wars in a religions paper about the Force and the use of colors of the costumes. Then used Star Trek V and all that stuff about finding "God" at the center of the galaxy and how they sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" and the question about is life a dream.

  5. in my first year of uni, for a research paper class, i wrote 7 pages on sars and the swine flu, but most of it was about zombie apocalypes. 92% :D

  6. Quoting from geek content in academia is fine and dandy. I do it all the time. I mean, hell, I started my competitive speech on biofuels with "Kemit the frog? …was right… 'it isn't easy being green.'"

    However, there is a very thick black line between using geeky references… and making me want to cry because it's an entire paper… about south park…

  7. For a design project when I was an undergrad, I had to write a creative story/report incorporating real underwater acoustic infomation. I used spongebob squarepants … it was awesome.

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