Avengers Assemble to Ride the Disney Monorail

The Avengers is right around the corner and while we are getting to the point of media overload, it is clear that Disney/Marvel is pulling out all the stops to advertise the crap out of this film.

Aside from all the trailers, posters and sneak peeks we have seen online, we now get a look at the Disney Monorail completely wrapped in Avengers Artwork to promote the upcoming film.

This is not the first time that Disney has used its popular monorail system to advertise a film. Back when Tron came out they had a “Tronorail” promotion with lightcycles on it.

There seems to be some sort of strange inbreeding conflict going on here as Universal has a deal with Disney that they cannot use any of their licensed product for sale or promotion in any other park. While Universal Islands of Adventure currently has a Marvel Island with tons of Marvel properties, this would exclude Disney from promoting Marvel properties. Not an issue since Disney wasn’t going to be promoting any of the stuff that Universal was using as attractions. But now Disney OWNS Marvel, so those very same properties belong to Disney – a condition that was not present during the Disney/Universal deal. This hurt my brain a little.

I have to assume that since this monorail is coasting in and out of all the connecting parks, that they worked something out. It is a benefit for all involved, so why not let Disney promote their Marvel Property that Universal is also promoting? Someone signed off on it.

Anyways, the train looks great. I wish they would do more of these. The monorail is an impressive part of the parks and they just look so utterly plain and uninspiring.

What do you think about the new Monorail skin?

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