The Browser You STILL Love to Hate [Video]

Hey, that’s actually a great ad. I have to admit that Microsoft’s browser is WAY better and secure than it used to be, but no one is taking my Chrome away from me. Nobody.

Oh and also, this short bit right below the video on Youtube made me LOL: Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

[The Browser You Loved To Hate]

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  1. Definitely entertaining, though there seems to be a pretty strong undertone of "you have to be a crazy person to have stopped hating IE" vibe going there at the end that I think they might not have thought through all the way… heh

  2. Agreed, Brad. My first thought was, "Wait. So does this mean you have to be crazy to uninstall IE or you have to be crazy to think IE is okay now?"

  3. Hilarious, my first thoughts were… Yes everyone should download a new browser and uninstall IE, and then he talks about IE9… But then that Cat thing comes up that shows that he is obviously crazy… So yep don't use IE9 either… Cause he as taken to many hits to the head. LOL

  4. It's nice to see Microsoft is actually spending some of their money on marketing in recent years. Don't know if it makes me want to use their products, but the ads are definitely much more clever.

  5. I love Chrome.. but I'm getting an evil vibe from Google these days with privacy issues and how "in bed" they are with the government. I may have to switch back to firefox or give ie9 a try.

  6. IE9 is better than the previous IE browsers but not as good as opera, firefox, and chrome. IE is still only good for downloading other broswers

  7. I don't know that this commercial helps much. I laughed because I have always said Internet Exploiter was only good for downloading another browser, but then with a lot of clarity the character in the ad says "IE9 is actually good"

    But then he goes on to shred any credibility he might have had with that statement by introducing Officer Cupcake. Why would I believe anything this loon ball says??

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