Keep Science in Our Schools [Pic]

I know this is meant as a gag…but I really do dream of a world where quantum physics is on the highschool syllabus. I mean if quantum computers come into common use and the IQ of the world keeps rising, isn’t it plausible?

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  1. hehe, I had a bit of it in school :)
    even though I actually didn't have physics to begin with but had to change class after I got sick and couldn't do PE anymore (so I had to take physic classes for one semester). I had to learn all the stuff of the previous semester during break,too, because as soon as I changed class, there was a test… and to my (and everbody else's) surprise I did pretty well :) (of course, it were just a few basics like Schrödinger's cat and wave-particle duality and stuff like that) It really was fun. I wished they taught more of this in schools!

    • Er… No. That "100" average is always relative to the rest of the population at that time. So today's "100" is not the previous generation's "100." And if you re-scale it across multiple generations, the average IQ has been increasing. That is, someone who had an IQ of 100 during the 1950s would have had an IQ of below 100 today.

  2. I find it funny… I actually had small basics of quantum physics in my secondary school/high school. But that was before the 'education reform' in Poland, now ppl barely have 10% what I learned.

  3. I went to high school in Florida–one of the worst places to go to public school in the united states–and even then I had basic quantum physics. But that might have been because I took two years of physics.

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