Total Recall – Are You Ready For the Trailer?

This is just a little prep…for the trailer. Are you ready?


14 Responses to Total Recall – Are You Ready For the Trailer?

  1. I really think that this post should have been announced beforehand. A post that shows a trailer for a trailer for a film REALLY needs to have some sort of trailer, because anything else would be totally out of proportion.

    Seriously now, wtf?

  2. Why don't they stop remaking classic movies and make something new? This is just lazy movie making. Screw this remake. The original was part of my childhood. Now they are going to rape this just like they raped Indiana Jones.

  3. Yet more proof that Hollywood has lost its originality. That being said, and separating this as much as possible in my mind from the original, this looks pretty cool. Might have to check this one out. When it comes out on blu-ray. If then. Maybe I might get it from the library.

  4. I’ve never been super attached to the Arnie movie because it wasn’t a very accurate realization of the original Philip K. Dick story to begin with. If this one manages to make me feel the same way that short story did, I’ll consider it the superior movie. To everyone saying its not creative to remake this, I disagree completely. It’s a reimagination of a written work. It is by definition just as creative as the first movie was.

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