Ties for the Classy Geek

Really show off your music geekery with these hand-inked neckties adorned with some of the most obscure instruments in existence, from a Claghorn to a Aquaggaswack (I’m not kidding). You can choose deep red ink on taupe tie, blank ink on medium gray or black ink on light gray. Michael Phipps will even create a custom listing for you if you want it on a skinny or silk tie!

[Get it on Etsy for $28USD]

And if strange musical instruments isn’t your brand of geekiness, try out some of the other Scatterbrain Ties by Mr. Phipps. Here’s a few of my favourites:

[Albert Einstein 28USD | Circuit Board 30USD | Electric Guitar 28USD | Atonal Apocalypse Music 28USD | Easter Island 38USD]


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