Can We Get Some Hot Men in Cosplay?

So…we’ve got loads of guys reading this blog right?

At least some of them have got to be hot right?

And at least some of those hot guys have got to enjoy cosplay, RIGHT!?

So why aren’t we getting loads of pictures of hot guys in cosplay being sent to us? (Hit the contact section on top of the blog!) We get all these sexy ladies strutting their stuff, leaving our geeky hetero ladies woefully lacking. C’mon guys: can’t you see the ladies (and other admirers of the male form) are absolutely gunning for it? Heck, if you let us post up your email address too you might just get a date out of it! ;)

And if you’re thinking – “I don’t make cosplay costumes so I can’t do it” – order one!

Check out Cosplay Magic and dress up as WOLVERINE!

Or go to Hello Cosplay – someone please dress up as Apollo?!

Maybe you could go to Moon Costumes and dress as a sexy Ryu or Ken…(please don’t dress as a Telly Tubby)

Or you could just Google whatever character you like and attach “costume” to the end.

Who knows, maybe if you’re as hot as this Hwoarang…


…you might end up rewriting Tekken history and hooking up with an equally hot Julia…