Can We Get Some Hot Men in Cosplay?

So…we’ve got loads of guys reading this blog right?

At least some of them have got to be hot right?

And at least some of those hot guys have got to enjoy cosplay, RIGHT!?

So why aren’t we getting loads of pictures of hot guys in cosplay being sent to us? (Hit the contact section on top of the blog!) We get all these sexy ladies strutting their stuff, leaving our geeky hetero ladies woefully lacking. C’mon guys: can’t you see the ladies (and other admirers of the male form) are absolutely gunning for it? Heck, if you let us post up your email address too you might just get a date out of it! ;)

And if you’re thinking – “I don’t make cosplay costumes so I can’t do it” – order one!

Check out Cosplay Magic and dress up as WOLVERINE!

Or go to Hello Cosplay – someone please dress up as Apollo?!

Maybe you could go to Moon Costumes and dress as a sexy Ryu or Ken…(please don’t dress as a Telly Tubby)

Or you could just Google whatever character you like and attach “costume” to the end.

Who knows, maybe if you’re as hot as this Hwoarang…


…you might end up rewriting Tekken history and hooking up with an equally hot Julia…


28 Responses to Can We Get Some Hot Men in Cosplay?

    • "Hmm, the toughest part is there is more scrutiny for male cosplayers than there is female ones."

      can you expound upon that a little?

    • Why would there be more scrutiny? What I like most about cosplay is not how perfect someone looks as the character, but how much enjoyment and passion I can see as a fan. Professional models all dressed up in costumes are okay, but I like to see friends and families out having a great time together, too. Honestly, I don't need my cosplay fans to be a 10% body fat or less. Just be GENUINE.

  1. I would love to, but I'm a disabled veteran, and have lost my looks. I could defintely take pictures of others and send them in, though. In a few months, there will be a comicon in my town. Let me know!

  2. More men are embarrassed about their nerdiness than women are, and modelling is much more highly regarded as a female career. In addition to that, most male photogs who are wandering around shows are looking to click on hot chicks, not some furry dude in funny clothes. I've got some friends who are nerdy enough, but it will be interesting trying to get them in front of a camera.

  3. Are OC's allowed? I don't tend to Cosplay as other characters? Mainly cos I'm a muscly guy and a lot of the cosplay companies tend to make things for teens and skinny lads only, I'm all man and all awesome. So I tend to make my own costumes for my OCs instead.

    • We'd have to wait till the admin is back from his holiday to be sure but I don't see the harm in emailing it in and seeing if it gets posted right?? I'd sure like to see some OC stuff (especially if it's sexy!) ;)

  4. Male cosplaying is a totally different then when a female does it. With woman you get "She's really hot!" and "Great costume!" and other variations, when men do it i've seen "Where's the girl cosplayers at??" or "Good costume… I guess". So if you think about it, guys have no incentive to post or pose in cosplay.

    • i've never experienced any of what you have, the exact opposite actually, so if i think about it, guys have a lot of incentive to both post and pose in cosplay.

      here's my little tidbit of personal experience which i am passing off as opinion, as opposed to fact: i attended gallifrey one in la, for two days, one in character, one as myself. on the day in character, i had nearly 30 pics taken of me, 60 shout outs, and a good 25 or so lingering looks which seemed to say "damn, why he gotta have have his wife and kids in tow?" and then the next day, as myself, where i'm fairly sure i was rocking some sort of cloaking deice, which may have been appropriate for the theme of the con, but clearly rendered me invisible to man, woman and child.

      i've been attending cosplay events for a few years now, and while theres definitely a "check out the boobs with the power girl costume all around them" element, and while they may be vocal both in person and on the net, the lion's share of attendees from the events i've been to were fans of the community and the subject matter, and gushed for excellent costuming regardless of the person's gender.

  5. Plus, I cant think of any that fit my Fat, with a full beard look, I mean I am stuck between being Santa, and Obi-Wan the inbetween years (He really let himself go)

  6. Pssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah right! The only single ladies are the ones on The Internet. You know that doesn’t translate IRL!!

  7. Anyone who's costume looks great, male or female, will get their picture taken by me. Sure, I love the ladies, but that in no way means can't do good cosplay as well.

  8. Unfortunately, my father is a fatter version of Chris Christie and far hairier, leaving me at 5'5" with a bunch of body hair and a 30 pound paunch that I really want to get rid of. Furthermore, because of his damned genetics, I have thinning hair on the top of my head.

    That said, if I could buff up and get some hair-growth foam, I would SO cosplay as Wolverine. Especially since there's this absolutely beautiful glamour model that I'd want to see cosplay as Phoenix. (On a note of trivia, I always hated Cyclops and shipped WolvieJean ever since I was a kid =P)

    So yeah…I'd *love* to cosplay, but I don't have the body for it…yet >_<

  9. Guys – is it not clear that there are droves of women looking for YOU? I said 'some of them have got to be hot' – hot is completely subjective so if you're into cosplay, send in your pics (or upload them and send us the link!). Because seriously…all the geek girls I know are dying for it.

    Don't let the chauvinists make you feel bad for putting yourself out there! The ladies love it, the gay men love it, and the straight men with any sort of decent respect love it! It's not about how hot you are to the majority of society…it's how hot you are to GEEKS. While ass and abs are great, some of us (see comments above) like a more beary man – a real man. Heck, some of even enjoy a little belly to play with.

    Besides, anyone who dons a costume of even remote geekness, is automatically hot. :D So get into costume and send in your pics!

    • If I could like this explanation of hotness a thousand times, I would.

      Guys, listen! See? We just want to see you in awesome costumes! *bats eyelashes* Pretty please?

  10. Assuming hot = revealing costume, I'd say the reason there aren't as many hot male cosplayers is because they don't have as many options for costumes. I keep thinking about Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Master Chief, etc…

    • your assumption is not my assumption, but i hear what you are saying about the inherent hotness which is a part of female costuming, which more often than not is probably a function of the game or anime or what have you's designer. i'm into copslay for the cosplay, i'll get just as much enjoyment out of a 5'1" tuxedo mask and a 200 pound sailor scout as i will a gaggle of nubile chun lis, as long as everyone there is having a great time and taking pride in what they have put together.

      hotness is as hotness does, and while i'm not into the scene to get my drool on, i find any person, regardless of race, creed, color or cup size, who is living their character, to be worthy of lauding, picturing, and praising.

  11. You would not believe how many hot male cosplayers I've met in my time going to conventions and cosplaying myself. They don't need to be revealing. They just need to do justice to the character. Believe me, the first time I met a good Pip (Hellsing) I was blushing and falling over myself. Get creative guys, I know plenty of good male characters that women love. Just make sure that it's a character that you care about too, because a costume done by someone who loves the character and is willing to go the extra mile to get it right–now that is sexy.

    Wigs are a godsend–especially for those with short hair. Armor can hide a lot of problems. Make-up is your friend. Stay in character–for the most part. People WILL take pictures–be ready.

    Those are just some of the things I've learned from being a cosplayer myself, and talking to other cosplayers, male and female.

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