80’s Movie Alphabet Poster [Pic]

Graphic Designer Stephen Wildish created this truly outrageous alphabet poster. Not gonna lie, I had to ask my uber hipster roomie (b. 1987) for a help on a few of these (I was born in 1981.). We got all but 4.


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  1. a?
    back to the future
    coming to america
    dirty dancing
    flight of the navigator
    honey i shrunk the kids
    indiana jones
    jumping jack flash?
    karate kid
    nightmare on elm street
    short circuit
    teen wolf
    vise versa

  2. A- Airplane
    B- Back To The Future
    C- Coming To America
    D- Dirty Dancing
    E- E.T.
    F- Flight of the Navigator
    G- Ghostbusters
    H- Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
    I- Indiana Jones
    J- Jumpin' Jack Flash
    K- The Karate Kid
    L- Labyrinth
    M- Mannequin
    N- Nightmare on Elm Street
    O- ?
    P- The Princess Bride
    Q- ?
    R- Rambo
    S- Short Circuit
    T- Teen Wolf
    U- ?
    V- Vice Versa
    W- Weird Science
    X- Xanadu
    Y- ?
    Z- Zelig (but he should have used Zapped! with Scott Baio)

    • The content filter is catching O its a bond film. As soon as the admins get to approving the content I believe we will see several responses.

  3. A – Airplane
    B – Back to the Future
    C – Coming to America
    D – Dirty Dancing
    E – E.T.
    F – Flight of the Navigator
    G – Ghostbusters
    H – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    I – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
    J – Jumpin' Jack Flash
    K – The Karate Kid
    L – Labyrinth
    M – Mannequin
    N – Nightmare on Elm Street
    O – Octopussy
    P – The Princess Bride
    Q – Q
    R – Rambo: First Blood
    S – Short Circuit
    T – Teen Wolf
    U – Untouchables
    V – Vice Versa
    W – Weird Science
    X – Xanadu
    Y – Youngblood
    Z – Zelig

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