Cool LARP Weapons in Melbourne @ Of Science and Swords

Of Science and Swords may not be the largest company around, but they’re pretty freaking awesome.

Of Science & Swords is Melbourne’s premier Science Fiction and Fantasy bookshop, specialising in hard-to-find, back catalogue and out of print books.

Their Facebook page is often updated with their cool content like their epic LARP weaponry:

Their Facebook merchant portal has their latest books, t-shirts and sometimes LARP stuff but you should call them (+61 3 96400299) if you’re really keen on something because the availability is always changing.

Keep up the awesome work glorifying geekdom down-under!


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  1. Wow! I post a lot of the content here to keep my customers entertained, and now we ARE the content. That is so awesome! :D I should probably point out that we're not just a retail outlet. We actively aspire to be a community hub for SF&F nerds and a place you can hang out.

    We have a range of in-store shenanigans, from the Black Books Rules on one wall to our Alcohol for Authors program (show us your book on shelf=get booze) and Absinthe Friday (come in on a friday afternoon+buy a book=get booze), and the promotion of our Lord & Damnation: Cthulhu (Ia! Ia!)
    In fact, new books are actually a really small part of our business. We specialise in back catalogue, out of print orders, and even getting special things in such as signed copies, leather-bounds or even rare first editions.

    Lastly, our employees aren't JUST geeks but actually SF&F authors and talents in their own rights, with one of them currently going places on Amazon and another about to perform a season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

    We hope to see you guys in store.

    P.S. Redditors that symbol our unicorn head = get booze.

    • Aww there's much love for you too Dark Matter! You were the reason I got this gig – you reposted that GaS was looking for contributors!!

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