I’m a Geek…and I Don’t Like Star Wars

Recently, I got flamed for posting a beautiful chocolate morsel in the shape of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars because I called it a “Star Wars Transport Ship”. And I have to admit: I didn’t know it was the Millennium Falcon. Why? I didn’t watch Star Wars 3 million times. I don’t like Star Wars.

Some may say this means I can no longer call myself a geek. Well I think that’s in direct contrast to the whole spirit of this blog, to the whole spirit of geekdom. Is not the right to like whatever I want the true value of being a geek? Just because I don’t like one feature that is common to many geeks, does that mean the rest of my geeky passions are discredited?

The whole reason for us now standing up and saying “geeks are sexy” is because we’ve been downtrodden and ridiculed for our tastes and loves in the past. But we have risen above and become sexy because we realise that we are allowed to enjoy things regardless of what other people think of them. That in turn has made them look at what it is we are proudly announcing we love, and finding they love it too.

To now stand here and denote that one cannot be a geek simply because they do not like Star Wars only positions geeks as bullies. Perhaps some of you find it enjoyable to now sit in the seat of the cruel people that plague your past, but I find it abhorrent.

I think it’s unfair to push something on someone just because it’s ‘commonly’ geeky (whatever that means). To do that makes us no better than the jocks who demand that we play sport because we’re guys, or the mean girls who demand that we wear dresses and make up because we’re girls. Or saying that all gays should dress in rainbow colours or that all film buff must like Alfred Hitchcock, all fantasy book fanatics must like Lord of the Rings, all rock fans must love Guns ’n’ Roses.

To be a geek means to accept that we can have odd tastes, different tastes. It means we should be able to discuss our different tastes without judgement. It means that the experts among us should be able to correct the non-experts, without attacking them (that’s also just basic human respect).

I appreciate that the large majority of the geek community love Star Wars and want to see Star Wars-related items and that’s why I post them: because you enjoy it.

I reserve the right to my own opinion and my own tastes. It does not mean I “do not belong” here. Because if there were anywhere that should be understanding about having a different taste from the crowd, you would hope it would be with the geeks.

Next time, before you start spouting crap about being a ‘real’ geek, try and remember the essence of what it is to stand up and say, “I’m a geek, and I’m proud of it.” Try to remember what you’re really standing for.

Don’t be a community of haters. That’s not what it’s meant to be about.

[Please note: opinions in this article are solely those of the author, Daljeet Singh, and do not reflect those of GaS in general or the rest of the GaS writers.]


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  1. technically you were correct, it is a transport ship, a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 stock light freighter to be precise. i'll be honest, i still love star wars; a new hope and empire strike back only. the rest of the movie were just long toy commercials

  2. Best article I've read on here In a while. I am proud to say I'm a geek and I'll proudly defend your dislike of Star Wars. .Understanding and supporting those who are different and have a differing opinion to what Is the norm, and breaking down any stereotypes of what a geek, man, woman or human beings should be. . .Is one of the only things I truly believe In with a passion.

  3. I'm right there with you buddy, I'm not a Star Wars fan either. I recently re-watched the original trilogy, after like 20 years, because I'm playing SWTOR. I also have a 10yo that had never seen them. And I'm still like – meh?

    I will say I'm enjoying SWTOR, but I like it for the game it is, not because it's SW.

  4. I agree with you admin, while I kinda like the star wars…(i like the old series best) I dont like Firefly, why? Because I dont cowboys space…why? Because I never really liked the cowboy genre, and after george bush I dont think I will ever. But fellow geeks stop the hate, just because he didnt know what it was called dosen't mean he is not a geek or that it's the end of the world for geekdom. In fact Admin could you possibly make/find more articles about the true meaning of being a geek and what we represent, add, and affect the worlds culture in general…for example some of the great engineers of the past like Nicola Tesla and James Watt …maybe even some inventions that are not commonly known about….once again, stop the hate, learn to accept.

    • Well, in fact some of the hard core fans of star wars pointed out, Like evildead1971 and some others on facebook, said that yes it could very well be just a transport ship and not THE Millennium Falcon that some of us know.

      • you're dead right, i think most (but not all!) of the gamers among us would notice the Ebon Hawk is very similar in shape to the Millenium Falcon.

        • I actually thought calling it a transport ship was just showing a higher level of geekiness since it could have been any YT-1300 transport, especially since the chocolate didn't have the Falcons signature dish sticking out of the top, which was a modification by Chewy and Han.

  5. I do not get why people equate Star Wars so sharply with geekdom. Star Wars was and will always be mainstream science fiction, and not the type of thing that automatically screams geek. If one of the indicators of “geek” is being fanatical of a niche something, then this isn’t it. Now, something like Star Trek which is much more on the margins of pop culture – even being a moderate fan of Star Trek automatically screams geek. Not that any of it is any better than the other, but some things really don’t lead to geekiness. Fanaticism alone does not define geekiness.

    Knowing what a Millenium Falcon is isn’t very surprising. Learning how to speak Klingon or Elvish, though, is the epitome of geek.

    • How is Star Trek not "mainstream science fiction" but Star Wars is? What's the difference between knowing Klingong/Elvish compared to memorizing the history of the Star Wars universe? Star Wars or Star Trek, take your pick. If you love Stargate, then be my guest. If you like Firefly, Farscape, Dinotopia, then that's fine by me.

      A geek is someone who is passionate about a hobby, game, or franchise. That's all there is to it.

    • I wouldn't call Star Wars (which I adore) 'mainstream' science fiction, considering it's actually space opera, which many wouldn't classify as scifi at all.
      As for author's opinion I couldn't agree more. I just can't accept one little thing in her article: Star Wars is canonical and recognizing Millennium Falcon does not depend to ever watching the movie, the same way one immediately recognizes Hamlet when seeing the phrase "To be or not to be", regardless ever reading/watching it. Furthermore, see @DarthCena's comment!

      • not trying to start anything… just confused about the term 'space opera', I thought operas were like A dramatic work in one or more acts, set to music for singers and instrumentalists. Was that a typo and you meant Opus? ( Any artistic work, esp. one on a large scale )

        • Operas use broad storytelling to get their point across. You have deception, betrayal, scandalous affairs, sweeping rivalries, retribution, revenge, all sorts of family dysfunction …
          Early radio dramas built on the framework that operas had on the stage. They were sponsored by soap companies. These became known as Soap Operas.
          Comic books used to be fairly straightforward conflict. Then in the 60's, Stan Lee introduced all sorts of opera elements, setting the stage for the next era of comics.
          So, to answer your question, a space opera is a sweeping story full of interpersonal conflicts, where the good guys have conflicts, the bad guys have "faces" (meaning we know who they are and what they want); the good guys and bad guys often know each other. The interpersonal conflicts drag the whole universe into their scuffle.
          Here is a good article with examples at the end: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SpaceO
          Another subjective list of favorite space operas: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/sciencenotficti

        • The term space opera has been in use for the Star Wars films for decades. I can't say for sure, but I'd guess that if the films didn't coin the phrase, they certainly epitomize it in the eyes of the sci-fi culture.

          It has all of the dramatic elements of an opera – multiple acts (i.e. the three original films) with the first act being the classical set-up of introduction and initial triumph (A New Hope), crisis in the second act (The Empire Strikes Back ending so depressingly), and redemption/resolution in the third act (Return of the Jedi).

          It doesn't have the musical aspect in the sense that the performers were singing or playing instruments, but the dramatic structure mirrors most operas and that's where (I believe) the term applies. From a semantic point of view, if you're modifying the noun "opera" with another noun or adjective (i.e. "space"), it really only needs to have one major identifiable similarity with the original term. Anything else that's different can be chalked up to to the modifier.

          Just my $.02, probably not worth half that but there you have it… :)

  6. I totally agree with what you're saying and while I am not condoning the behavior of those that flamed your post, but if you're going to post something Star Wars related, shouldn't you at least do a bit more research to properly cite what you're talking about? I mean, I'm not into Firefly, but if I were running a geek blog and posting a picture of something I knew was from Firefly I would at least make sure I was calling it the right thing other than "Firefly Transport Ship." You know what I mean? I don't care if you like Star Wars or not, but you're posting on a geek blog. At least get it right if you're going to talk about it. Otherwise pass it off to another poster. That's all.

    • perhaps yo should follow your own advise. To be completely technical, it was a transport ship, and it didn't have some of the Falcons signature features, so it really would have been inaccurate to call it the Falcon. At least get it right if your going to talk about it, otherwise pass it off to another poster.

        • That's more or less what I was thinking. You don't have to like Star Wars if you post on a geek blog, but if you have no interest in the subject why post about it?
          Just like you don't have to be a Star Wars fan, you don't have to post about Star Wars stuff.

        • Because he knew you guys would like it… (and I would have posted it, but I'm in Playa Del Carmen right now)

          Lol :)

  7. Not… like…. Star wars… (twitchtwitch)

    (Points and makes Invasion of the Body Snatchers screaming noise)

    All kidding aside, it's exactly like you said. I am an old school Star Wars nerd (was the first movie I saw on the big screen when I was 5 years old… god I just dated myself). Love the original trilogy, the books, the games, and do my best to forgive Lucas for the prequels (it's hard…. god is it hard)

    I myself am not much of an Anime fan. I had geek friends who hit every anime con they can get time off from work to go to, then bitch about people showing up in steampunk garb (which I think is awesome).

    People need to chill. Different strokes and all that.

    Unless you don't like Game of Thrones. Then there's obviously just something fundamentally wrong with you :)

    • I threw game of thrones against the wall on page 269. How is it fantasy as opposed to historical fiction on a made-up continent? Honestly it's a more convoluted rehash of the War of the Roses from what I can tell. Now all the sudden people like it because there's a TV series? IMO it lacks enough of the elements that make fantasy…*fantasy*. Yeah there's some subtle magic. So what exactly is so *fantastic* about GoT? Why can't you just transplant all the characters into a scifi or other setting and make a bestseller out of *that* genre?

    • Actually, the "invasion of the body snatchers" screaming noise" dates you just as badly, I'm afraid.. :) And why is it that whenever someone says "whoops! I just Dated myself!" I always get the urge to ask them "So, did you get the third base?" :)

      Geek means that you love something enough to know things about it that a casual fan wouldn't, and/or you are willing to play dress-up, fill entire rooms of your house with memorabilia, memorize every "um" and "er" in the script, etc. Geeks have *no* limits other than time and cash. And no shame for that matter! :)

  8. Dude – chill, flaming trolls come in all varieties: even geek. Treat em like non-geek trolls and ignore them. Besides star wars is full of let-down artists – I prefer trek (characters can actually WIN a majority of the time).

  9. I don't like Star Wars either. Whenever I see posts about it I just pass them without reading (by the way, TOO MANY encased in carbonite c*ap recently). Compared to Star Trek I find it extremely shallow. But (trying to be the devil's advocate here) you shouldn't have posted something you are not "fluent" in.

  10. I tried so many times to read the Lord of the Rings books. I was a geek and I liked to read. I even liked to read fantasy books but those books I did not like reading and about half way through Fellowship I gave up every time. My friends who all liked the same things as me liked them. Some of them would reread the trilogy every year as a ritual. I just had to come to terms with the idea that I couldn't make myself care about them any more than I could baseball. I'm a geek and I hate Lord of the Rings.

  11. Nerd: someone who is extremely knowledgeable about a particular (usually academic) subject. Geek: someone who is extremely knowledgeable about a particular (usually esoteric, often science-fiction oriented, sometimes fandom-based) subject.

    Folks like me who are into SW would be "Star Wars geeks." But you don't gotta love SW to be a geek. And I totally support anyone's right to be completely clueless about a particular geek niche subject. For example, I couldn't tell you a g**d*** thing about True Blood other than it takes place in Louisiana, nor could I tell you a whole lot about Deadpool, though he's become a huge geek magnet for some reason.

  12. You don't like SW. That's kind of weird in a geek. Being weird is a geeky thing. Therefor, you must be a geek. ;)

    I happen to agree that geeks are simply different. The phrase I use most often to describe a geek is "Subject Matter Experts".

  13. Hey, I tell you what is. Big internet, hmm? Live, work, huh? But not internet only. Only geeks. Geeks is geeks. No is buildings. Is tomatoes, huh? Is geeks, is dancing, is music, is potatoes. So, geeks is geeks. Okay?

    • Hipcat. That. Was. Awesome! :D

      You people "disliking" this post have no souls — don't you recognize a Muppets Take Manhattan reference when you see one!??!?! Philistines!!

  14. Hear Hear! I completely support you on this one! The essence of being geeky is being different so to hate on someone for being different defeats the whole purpose of the geek community, which is built on embracing different tastes. I am proud to stand up as a science nerd, an android geek and an aperture science test subject and I'm even prouder to stand next to someone who feels the force, is a movie geek and loves to play Super Mario Bros and not think anything of it. While trolls will always troll and nerds are quick to correct someone when they're wrong (I'm forever doing it) nobody has the right to say you're not a 'real' geek if you don't like one thing or another. Its our differences that makes this community strong, our differences are what make us unique and our tolerance of our differences is the reason geeks have inherited the earth!

  15. I still don't get why you didn't recognize it. Yes, you don't like Star Wars, that's alright. But not recognizing the ship is just kinda weird. I may not like or know anything about Soccer, but I can recognize a soccer ball. That has nothing to do with taste and everything to do with just having a shared culture or subculture. If someone is watching the Macy's Day Parade and doesn't recognize a float coming by, they will be given funny looks. Even if you've never seen anything from the Peanuts franchise, you should still recognize Snoopy. Furthermore, this whole article bringing up the whole "jocks vs. geeks" thing just kinda comes off as hokey. This isn't an 80's movie. Yes, bullying exists, but it's not tribal warfare. I can understand arguing based on taste, but making a "house divided" speech just makes you look silly.

  16. Don't bring the politically-correct BS into Geekdom. The next thing we know everyone will be attempting to excuse their deficiencies.

    You didn't do the research and got called out on it, so take your blows. A ranting post in response to getting flamed due to YOUR lack of information is a sign of missing the plot entirely.

    Specifically, you posted publicly about a known Geek topic in an relatively uninformed manner. That's blatant disrespect for those who live the Star Wars life (although you likely meant no harm).

    What else did you expect?

    And then you postclaim about it in defense of your glaring mistake? Do better, man.


  17. Wow. You just took a massive detour around the point. I wouldn't claim to like Star Wars either. And I know what an X-wing or the Millennium Falcon is, or a Jedi, or a lightsaber. These things aren't niche. Star Wars is pretty damn mainstream, and any geek should know what the heck it is, just like any geek should know what a Hobbit is or who Gandalf or Sauron are. Not because they should particularly *like* their origin, but at least be attuned enough to basic scifi/fantasy culture to know where the 800 pound gorillas in the room came from.

    However, what this really shows is that you simply didn't know what the heck you were talking about. Don't like Star Wars? Let someone else cover the story who does.

    You got called out on not doing your (very basic) research. That should have been the end of it, but instead you wrote this blathering diatribe. I'm not demoting you for not liking Star Wars. I myself don't understand all the craze over Game of Thrones, because I couldn't get past page 269 of the first book. I wanted to say "um, hey guys, isn't this fantasy? How come there isn't a single D-cup woman in sight, and nobody threw a fireball yet? It's nearly been 300 pages and these dipsticks might as well have lived on planet Earth, because they have no fantasy qualities about them whatsoever", and just got bored. But that's my tastes, and I'm entitled to them. What I'm not entitled to do is to suddenly pass myself off as any type of authority on GoT. You posted about Star Wars, you showed a lack of knowledge, you got called out on it.

    Suck it up.

    • I have to agree. There was no reason to make an entire post about people calling you out on a topic. You can't get overly uptight when someone doesn't agree with you. Just let it go, and move on. Life is too short.

    • I could tell you what a jedi or a lightsaber looks like, but honestly probably not the Millenium Falcon. I know there's a ship in SW called the Millenium Falcon, but I have no idea what it looks like. And I know who Gandalf is, but I've never heard of Sauron and I don't know what a Hobbit is. But hey, I'm pretty damn geeky when it comes to pretty much everything else. I just don't like SW or LotR. That in no way entitles me to know anything about those series. If I wrote articles and the majority of my followers liked something that I did not, I would still post about it and admit that I didn't know much about it. I think it was pretty rude of you to say "Suck it up" and to get someone else to write it. What if you were in charge of writing articles and the majority of your fanbase like Game of Thrones? Would you ignore them and say "Sorry guys, I don't like Game of Thrones. Let me find someone who does real quick to write the article."?

      • Actually, I *would* find somebody else to write an article on Game of Thrones. I'm sure there are plenty of people chomping at the bit. Plus, GAS has quite a few contributors, and this was just a blurb. I'm not bashing the guy for not liking Star Wars. I'm bashing him for being ignorant and then throwing a hissy fit when he got called out for it.

  18. I agree, I like the Star Wars universe especially Han Solo, but other than that I can't stand stories about whiny little bitches.

  19. I like how your first paragraph starts with things a geek "should know." Which is straight up wrong, is there required reading for being a geek now? Way to miss the point of the article.

  20. Thank you so much for this. It has been something that has bugged me so much with interacting with other geeks. I hate when people tell me I'm not a geek because I don't like a certain thing, or that I'm not a gamer just because I've never played a certain game or because I don't get into FPS games. You've got my total support on this one.

  21. This reminds me of a great south park episode about goths, "if you want to be different do and say exactly as we do and say".

  22. seriously, to not know the millenium falcon… just not cool man. :D
    it is the most iconic starship ever (by my reckoning), everybody just know that ship.
    sure, when i was a kid, star wars new hope was the very first sci-fi that imprinted in my mind very deeply with it's astonishing and believable sets, so maybe this is why. and sure everybody can have different opinions, i was just kidding above ;) … dont get too cocky tough… :D and also, regarding the visuals, i like ep 1-2-3 with all their faults, even if i like 4-5-6 better…

  23. No you don't have to be a Star Wars fan to be a geek but it would be "geeky" of you to research the ship and figure out the actual name… js.

  24. I am also a geek who doesn't like Star Wars, but My BF does and so do my children….Over the years I have absorbed a ridiculous amount of Star Wars facts & I havent come to terms with that yet. But its for the people I love, so its acceptable as long as they dont make me watch it. :)

  25. "You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" – but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never publicly respond to a flame war especially when star trek or star wars is involved" :P

    You don't like star wars … no biggie. I'm a geek that can't get into the big bang theory.

    • …and to head anyone off, I can't get into the show "The Big Bang Theory"… I'm totally OK with the whole idea of the explosion in the cosmos forming everything

  26. Thank you.

    I don't care for Star Wars either, and i find myself slightly ashamed to say so for fear of being no longer accepted for it, or somehow not being a true nerd… when in reality, nerdery or geekery isn't about liking certain things, it's about being laughed at for liking the stuff you do because other people think it's lame…

    Now, personally, i find star wars lame, so therefore, star wars fans are even more geeky in my eyes, but i don't think someone who doesn't like star wars should be considered any less of a person for it.

    C'mon guys, we gotta stick together!

  27. I agree with some other posters here and go a step further to say; the fact that the ship was identified as a transport ship (the YT-1300) goes to show the actual geekiness of the original post. Identifying the ship as only 'The Millennium Falcon' only shows that those individuals have only watched the movies and no nothing of the Extended Universe; or how widely used that ship design truly was.

  28. Rock On! Never know she might be a secret Trekkie! Proof alone not all Geeks like star wars.. Lucky for me I like them both. =)

    • Sounds cool. I may pick that book up, since I've had some curiosity, in spite of myself, about what famous SF writers think of popular geek franchises.

  29. I love Star Wars … and Star Trek (ALL of them), Babylon 5, Farscape, Logan’s Run, Buck Rogers, Firefly, Angel, Sanctuary etc etc. I have been flamed by every sci-fi fanboi (and fangrl) over liking their opposition series since day1. Asbestos underwear comes in handy as does not giving a “tinkers” about silly people. Not responding to them is generally the best option as they thrive on attention. Ultimately, nobody HAS to like any one thing. If you do, great! If not, there’s plenty more good stuff out there. There’s no need to limit yourself.

  30. Just as a note to those who were saying I should have "done my research" – I did. To be honest, I wanted to post it because it was some sort of spaceship made in chocolate so regardless of what franchise it came from, it was awesome. I had no clue what that ship was but I was pretty sure it was from star wars. So I googled star wars ships, compared it to pictures on this site: http://galactic-voyage.com/Ships.htm and it said it was a transport ship. Therefore, I put that it was a transport ship. I saw it said "Millenium Falcon" but I thought the more generic term might be better to use – I honestly wasn't sure. And as others have said, TECHNICALLY, I was right and TECHNICALLY there was no indication it was the Millenium Falcon. I can't actually claim brownie points for that technicality because I was unaware of it.

    This post was NOT a rebuke of those telling me I had the name wrong – that much was very true and I accept corrections from geeks who know more about a topic than I do. What this post was saying was that just because I didn't know the name didn't mean that I'm no longer a geek…and that's not limited to Star Wars (as many others have pointed out in comments above with other 'commonly' geeky things that they don't like).

    So glad to see so many of the geek community get it. I love this community to bits because of its readiness to accept things about people that others find strange, and most of the comments on this post has reaffirmed my faith in you all.

    Don't let the trolls win! :D

    • If that first paragraph is true about you "doing your research" and defending the naming then why did you go and change the title of the post from "Chocolate Star Wars Transport Ship" to "The Mmmm-llenium Chocolate Falcon"? TECHNICALLY it's not the Falcon, right? ;)

      • a) I didn't make that change but
        b) I would have changed it anyway since it was apparent that the Star Wars fans wanted it so: as I said, I'm happy to accept corrections from geeks who know more about the topic.

  31. No love for Star Wars!? Your Geek Card has been revoked. Please turn in all related "Geek" items and ideas to the Dept of Silly Geeks who decide later in life that they don't like Star wars and are summarily released from Geekdom for their folly Dept..as you may owe past fees and membership dues you will not get your annual "Geekdom" membership prize of a video of Olivia Munn naked except for a stormtrooper helmet..sorry supplies are low.

    Sincerely Geekdom management

  32. Honestly, Is the Millenium Falcon an iconic ship? Yes.
    Did the writer get flamed for not knowing the precise name? Yes.
    Did the writer step up and OWN that they didn't know it and OWN that they aren't a fan of what many of us consider an epic series (minus Jar Jar)? Yes.

    I applaud the writer because not many geeks or nerds would own up to the fact they aren't a fan of what the mass majority of geeks & nerds devote millions and millions of dollars and hours on. The writer still appreciates the fan base and still posts what we may (or may not) want to see.

    Many self claimed fans don't know what the terms, AT-AT or AT-ST are or would think that I'm being racist if I started talking about the Slave 1. Hell, many have no idea who Mara Jade or Thrawn are! Do I look down on those "fans"? No.

    • To many of my friends, collegues and coworkers I am a big huge nerd/geek. They bring me stuff or show me stuff that they think I might identify with, most of the time they are right, I do like it, but a good number of times, they are wrong. I don't go off on them saying "How could you think I would like that garbage?!?!!?!?" I will sometimes tell them I'm not a fan or I will smile, act civil with them and thank them for thinking of me.

      I have been a loyal fan of this website for a number of years now. One mistake or ommition isn't gonna cause the universe to implode. The dolphins aren't lining up to do a routine and say "so long and thanks for all the fish" just because a geek (who runs a geeky website) doesn't like star wars!

  33. "Some may say this means I can no longer call myself a geek."

    I want to meet these SOME people and slap them upside the head. No one fandom defines what a geek is or is not.

  34. I used to be the absolute biggest Star Wars fanboy there was. Literally and figuratively. I watched Phantom Menace 4 times in the first 48 hours after it opened. I then went out and bought every single first run edition of every toy released from that garbage movie. By the time Clone Wars came out, my fanboy armor had started to crack and I didn't get around to watching it till about a month after it came out. I had no plans at all to watch episode 3, but then I heard that James Earl Jones had recorded new dialog for Darth Vader.

    Love or hate Star Wars, Vader has always been my favorite movie villain. These days, while I don't HATE Star Wars or anything, I really don't care one way or the other about it. Hell, I did a little internal jig when I read that Lucas was retiring. There's also a good chance that if they ever did release a good and proper DVD or Bluray of the unedited Original Trilogy, I'd probably go ahead and buy it. Until then, I'm done with Star Wars.

    • I do know what you mean, I saw Ep I three times in the 1st 24 hours (I only had to pay for it once. SCORE!!!!)
      But yeah it didn't live up to what we had made the original trilogy to be. But I did accept it to be a fun ride and I still saw the rest of the films on midnight release.

  35. I think it's great that you post Star Wars stuff because you know many of us like it, and you're right. Everyone's different, even geeks. My nephew is right in calling himself a nerd who doesn't like Star Wars or Trek. He likes anime, kaiju and South Park-type cartoons, so I can understand calling himself a nerd. And there must be someone somewhere who may call an avid sports fan a sports nerd/geek, but I guess most people would just think that's contradictory LOL. to each his own, even within the nerd/geek community.

  36. I’m a geek but I’ve never watched Dr Who, only watched the original Star Trek and a few eps of TNG, and I hate Star Wars 1-3. Different strokes for different (geeky) folks.

  37. if they had the courage to call Tricia Helfer a Geek only because she geeked for CATS (?), well why wouldn't you be a geek if you like everything except Star Wars?
    Where's the problem?

  38. Can I just say that I highly respect you for calling internet geeks out on this behaviour? I love all things geeky, I am "The Geek" in my group of friends, but I rarely, If ever, involve myself in "internet geek" related anything. Geeks have come so far and become not just accepted, but admired, thought of as cool, etc. The problem I see all the time is that when you get a geek on the internet, they get way more (too much) faceless courage. This is where the "chip on their shoulder" comes out and they feel the need to be right. ALL THE TIME. The irony about all this is that Star Wars "fans" are generally the first people to cut the whole series down with stupid arguments like whether Han did or didn't shoot first, how bad Lucas slaughtered the series, etc. It's embarrassing to watch people act like this and actually get associated with that kind of behaviour. For every step the Geek society has taken forward, the ones who choose to behave this way take us two steps back. I've watched the SW series several times and I wouldn't have noticed or pointed out any flaw out in what you said. Thats because I don't really care. What difference does it make?? I'm just happy you're out there showing us some of the coolest geek related ANYTHING we've ever seen or heard :D

  39. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Seriously though geeks are much older than Star Wars, any true geek knows this (What was George Lucas and the rest of the film crew when the first one was made?) the notion that ones tastes qualify or disqualify their "geekiness" is just a little high school anyways anymore. Geek is a lifestyle if its anything, its a preference to art and technology over the more mundane and common place hobbies and interests in life, but theres no descriptor I ever read in the Manual of Geek that says anything about what those tastes have to be. I love Star Wars, ever since I was a kid (and seriously a Transport ship for The Falcon, wtf man?) but I also happen to enjoy college basketball and soccer, is my geek card therefore revoked? Can anyone really challenge an abstract notion like someones geekiness anyways? That's sorta like saying my lvl 8 Paladin isn't holy enough because he has a halo tattooed on his right butt-cheek, come on

  40. Here's the deal. Why does someone hate? Especially on this…two words: Olivia Munn. It's "Cool to be geeky" now and it makes a lot of people a lot of money. If we are upset that someone doesn't know that The Millennium Falcon is a YT-1300 class star ship, or that it made the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs, it is because….at the very core…we have been mocked, rejected and taken advantage of. And now those same experiences are coming back. Yes GaS is supposed to be a place for "Us" but at the same time, I don;t think every Companion is a Doctor Who fan, and I have conversations at cons with booth bunnies who are there to sell product. Heck I talked to Phil Tippet (special effects director on The Empire Strikes Back)) at a science fiction movie marathon where they had just shown Starship Troopers two ((which he directed)) and asked "It seems like you got closer to the spirit of the book…did you do that on purpose?" to which he responded "I never read it". So….if someone reacted poorly, it was probably not because you don't like Star Wars…but in this specific instance, it may be that people feel duped, and since we are, by and large, such wounded creatures, we are protecting ourselves from people who would take advantage of us

  41. No huge paragraph. No detailed analysis. You can be a geek if you don't like Star Wars, but you're not a cool one. On top of that, it's virtually impossible NOT to like the movies, so my guess is (and it's baseless) that you've probably never sat down and watched them.

    Just my take.

  42. "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it."
    I agree with this article, just thought this was fitting :)

  43. The flamer was wrong. As at least one other person has pointed out, the chocolate did not have the sensor dish that is unique to the Falcon. It was just, as you said, a Star Wars transport.

  44. Who cares if you do or do not like star wars. That does not define what you overall are. I dont like star wars, but i like star trek.

  45. Great article. Too many times have I seen geekdom become an elite status, like a club that reserves the right to oust others. In a setting where we have bucked the establishment there is still a group of people who wish to force others to adhere to their definitions.

    • That's the pattern of any group- gather and divide, and the only way you can explain someone wearing a "Think Different" t-shirt while calling for the silencing of those who do.

  46. Why would anybody care about whether other people define them as 'good' geeks or not?
    Mind you, I fully applaud the 'no hating and misplaced sense of superiority, please'-message of this post, but to me that goes for all walks of life.

    I am a geek. I cannot change the hardware on my computer for the life of me, and half of the software is a similar mystery. I've had a lot of people tell me that I am not a 'proper' geek because I am not computer savvy, could do without LOTR or never got the hang of Star Trek. Or, worse, that I am 'far too social' to be one. And I always, always laugh in their faces and go do something I love.

  47. I have been called a geek most of my life. But I probably am not a Geek, according to the current definition. A definition that I think was co-opted by people trying to be cool by saying they embrace things that aren't the mainstream. But really, they just embrace other people like them. So, you know, I'm fine being a mere geek.

    Back when I worked for an Internet development firm that developed during the dot-com boom, there were a clique of people who were essentially the "cool kids". They rode their scooters around the office, and were always organizing cycling outings (never bike rides), or Ultimate Frisbee games (no one else was invited to play, because they had enough people). They talked about how cool these things were incessantly, at meetings and company social events – you couldn't get away from how incredibly cool they were. I immediately dubbed them "hipper than thou" (this was before the term "hipsters"), and just tuned them out as much as possible. Actually, I tried to avoid them but it was really hard to avoid their conversation – and if you were in their good graces, you got on the good projects. So you had to try and play nice sometimes.

    But they really weren't actual geeks. These were people who just were addicted to being cool. So instead of being in sports in HS or espousing the "right" causes in college, now they took peeks into the cubicles of those of us who were lifelong geeks and claimed our interests as their own. But you know, their interest was cool, ours was lame.

    From me, they co-opted a professed love of fossils and dinosaurs – it made them look all science-y. I particularly loved when they started spouting off things they read off of the newswires about recent dinosaur finds (which were generalized and sometimes not quite right), when I was reading the original paper, actually knew the person who had dug up the animal or had worked in the same area at one point. And you know, they told people they had this cool friend who dug up dinosaurs, but I doubt they knew how to actually spell my complicated last name.

    Yet these people today – who I still run into occasionally – will proudly tell you how they are Geeks. And the loves they claimed a decade or so ago? Gone – why on earth would they like something like THAT?. I'm sure they are now lifelong fans of Doctor Who if you ask them.

    geeks (little g intentional) love what they love with slavish affection because it interests us. It trips neurons, gets our heart racing, and gives us non-pathological logorrhea. And it can be ANYTHING – even things that are actually mainstream. My husband – who works on high performance scientific computing systems and is working on his PhD – is very much a geek. And when he isn't bending your ear about his work or his dissertation, he is a walking encyclopedia of NFL knowledge. It's not just watching on Sundays and drinking some beers love – he knows enough history and statistics to actually work for the NFL if he wanted to – it's crazy.

    As for me? Geology geek to the core. Lover of the Whedonverse and Moffatverse (I'm waiting for a Coupling/DW/Sherlock crossover – maybe throw in some Press Gang for nostalgia). I've seen the Star Wars movies, but not a fan. Ditto for Star Trek (shows and movies). I love Ray Bradbury and can't get into Isaac Asimov. I've pre-ordered the ASoIaF cookbook from Inn at the Crossroads, but wouldn't ever dream of cosplay. There's a million other things I couldn't check off an official "Geek" list, but that doesn't mean I'm not a geek.

    Mostly, we have to stop tearing each other down. We're already a naturally pedantic bunch (comes with the slavish devotion), we don't need to make it any worse by beating each other up. Chacun à son goût – which includes chocolate Millennium Falcons :)

  48. Well said, personally I find it tedious that about 1/3 of all "geek" content is Star Wars related. It takes more to impress me than juxtaposing something Star Wars related with something mundane and saying "OMG WIN!!11". Yeah, ok, the baby has a Darth Maul bib or whatever, big f***ing deal. Yawn.

  49. I'm sorry that a lot of people were jerks… that's not right. I respect that you don't like Star Wars, and I think its neat that even though you don't neccecarily like Star Wars, like some people do you still post Star Wars related stuff. I hope you're better accepted in the future. :)

  50. I don't like Star Wars either and frankly sometimes I don't want to tell people that because they'll try and force me to watch them–as if that would make me like it any more!–I don't try and force people to read Harry Potter (my geek drug of choice), so I would like the same courtesy. And just because I don't like Star Wars doesn't stop me from reading stuff about it on the site so that I can tell my friends who do like it.

    And I don't know what the Millennium Falcon looks like, but I do know what the Death Star looks like. The number one scene that non-fans remember–in my opinion–is the giant round death star, not the Millennium Falcon.

  51. I would consider myself a geek as well, and I think all 6 Star Wars movies are terrible. It is one of the most poorly constructed franchises in film history. The special effects were neat on the first (Second?) trilogy, but that's about all. The characters are weak and the story is convoluted and dumb.

    George Lucas is an idiot, and a hack.

  52. I love Starwars Love it (I have just made Jedi robes) and Tbh why didn't you just google it. thou the name you did give the melenium falcon wasn't whithought merit ,it is a transport ship. And are you the same dood that called Link Zelda

  53. As another geek who does not like Star Wars at all, and often keeps my mouth shut about that for fear of hater-geeks, THANK YOU for this post. And thank you to all the above commenters for chiming in!

    Maus and Ben – very well said. I completely agree. (I also completely agree with Angela.)

  54. I see your point and all, but you could show an image of the Millennium Falcon to a thousand non-geeks and 90% or more would know what it was. So, you can understand why people reacted like they did. You effectively yelled pi is exactly 3! :P

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