Zynga Swallows Draw Something for $180 Million!

On March 21st, it was confirmed that social game giant Zynga would acquire Omgpop, creators of the recently legendary game, Draw Something. Zynga saw just how incredible and wide-spread Draw Something had become, so it made sense to latch onto it.

It has recently been released that the acquisition cost $180 Million. That’s quite a whopper and I’m sure that Omgpop are incredibly proud of their achievement.

So, players of Draw Something, what do you think about the acquisition?¬†Fearful of what kind of changes Zynga will enact on this magical time-sucking game, or can Zynga’s involvement only mean the game will reach new heights of awesomeness?


15 Responses to Zynga Swallows Draw Something for $180 Million!

  1. I paid 1$ for a Zynga game to get rid of ads. The 'premium' version got rid of one type of ad but it's still bloated with their own junk.

  2. If I was the developer of Draw Something, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank. That is one huge price to pay for a novelty app that is at the peak of its popularity.

    BTW, if they want my app, I'd happily sell the source code for half this.

  3. One of the best things about Draw Something is that you can't buy things in it, you have to earn the extra colours and bombs yourself. I know Zynga will change that however and soon we will have a bloated mess of an app that becomes impossible to play without spending additional money on it. That's just life though I guess

  4. Zynga are in the business just for the soul purpose but OMGPOP clearly aren't obviously they know they can earn a ton of money and they do have a paid version and everything and advertisements on the free version. not to mention micro transactions, but Zynga being the people they are will turn this into a way to make money

  5. I'm happy for the people at OMGPOP, and I hope they can comfortably retire on the money.

    I'm glad that I paid mine before it went to zynga (I think?) so the money went to OMGPOP.

  6. Man, what a bunch of miserable gits! Take about Bitter! Well done to the developer and I love Zynga games do hopefully they’ll improve it, add a lot more words, add chat, undo, save etc

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