The Renaissance Justice League [Pic]

Pretty funny cosplay-fanfiction-sort-of-thing.

I really like the Batman. And it’s really funny how the Flash is the only guy smiling!

[Via The Gay Comic Geek]


16 Responses to The Renaissance Justice League [Pic]

    • precisely.

      there were no superheroes in renaissance times, therefore there are no superheroes at renaissance times.

  1. I'll take Green Lantern. Thanks! He will look smashing in a kilt later, when he's done with this silly pic.

  2. It's not period accurate! The Green Lantern is holding a paper cup! They all deserve to die! ^.^

  3. Obviously rhe cup is a construct from his own time and the league has traveled back in time to fight some ancient villian–Y'all know they love to time travel…jeeze. But way to geek it up–this is satisfying on sooo many levels!

  4. I know them! :D Which gives me an idea. . . I have a pic of the Renn Faire Batman villains. Same people in it too. :P