They’re the Planeteers, And You Can Be One Too [Vid]

‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!

For someone who grew up in the 90s, it’s hard not to perk up and pay attention when someone brings up Captain Planet. Can I help it that I’ve memorised the song? That’s sexy these days right?

While I will definitely hold that reciting the Captain Planet theme song from start to finish (with every little nuance included) while wasted and waiting for the tram is definitely hot, hot, hot, I’m not so sure about the sexiness factor in this video promoting Planeteer Movement:

Putting aside the wonderfully (and yet so, so terribly) 90s-style of the video, the website actually looks pretty cool. Sorta like a hub to source environmental news. I have to admit I haven’t done a major poke around the site but I commend them for their effort at least. A few more souls trying to save our poor Gaia from being destroyed.

And just because I got a little nostalgic and started looking up Captain Planet videos…

When the Planeteers finally wizened up and realised that ‘Heart’ was a pretty crappy power:

Let’s write some meaningful letters to our city’s leaders? Poor Ma-Ti.

[Planeteer Rap found on Captain Planet’s Facebook Page]


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  1. Apparently you don't remember that Heart is the strongest element…

    It could allow reading of minds, worked as a communicator, and could control wild animals. It also gave Ma-Ti the chance to see through the illusions cast by Zarm. If Ma-Ti were evil or more ruthless in the use of his Ring, he could have brainwashed almost anybody he wanted by manipulating the good in their hearts and using that to his advantage. Good thing Gaia picked a more innocent, younger Planeteer…

    [Paraphrased from TV Tropes]

  2. Thanks for the article! I shot and edited this vid (and may or may not have rapped a verse). It was a lot of fun to make!!

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