The Next iPhone Screen as Big as the Galaxy?

[Photo Credit: Gordon Mei]

According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, Apple has started placing orders to suppliers for the bigger 4.6-inch display (compared to the current 3.5-inch display) with the retina display that’s been installed in “The New iPad”.

(Side note: what the eff is up with this stupid name for what SHOULD be the iPad 3? Did they not want to name it the iPad 3 simply because they want to push the 4G tech and so didn’t want 3 there? Steve Jobs would never have let this happen.)

The Samsung Galaxy S II uses a 4.6-inch display and I’m sure we’re all aware of what a threat Samsung is: so much so Apple had to sue to try and keep them off the shelf!

Apparently the Maeil Business Newspaper quoted “an unnamed industry source”. Is it just me, or does this seem rather sketchy? Apple trying to plant false evidence to throw off the competition?

Or perhaps there’s some poor guy now facing the wrath of Apple for leaking the news. Who knows – just like before the iPad 3 came out, all we can do is wait and see what eventually appears in the iPhone evolution.

[Via Reuters]


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      • No, the reason is he was full of shit. Always was. I remember him saying the reason the iPod with color didn't play video was because the screen would have to be too small and the experience would suffer. He said this crap onstage. It was when Bono was playing. Two years later…video on the iPod.
        Steve Jobs and really Apple in general was/are master bull****ers. They always have been, but their fanbois eat it up nonetheless.

  1. So can Samsung sue Apple for copying. Its about as sane as a lawsuit as Apple suing them for stealing their "look". As if a slab of black glass an a row of icons is a "look".

  2. Put a bit research in your article.

    The normal Samsung Galaxy S2 using only a 4.3 in display.
    The Samsung Galaxy S2 HD and the Galaxy Nexus have a 4.65 screen.

    An there is not only one galaxy out.
    There a small Samsung galaxys 2.8 inch and big 12.1 inch.

  3. Reuters must be having a slow news day to regurgitate the same rumors from last year.

    Just replace the phrase, "unnamed industry source" with "bullshitting a-hole"…

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