Real-Life Skyrim Daedric Armor [Pic]

Also doubles up as a chastity corset, so you can be protected at all time.

[Via TDWG]


17 Responses to Real-Life Skyrim Daedric Armor [Pic]

  1. Doubles as a chastity corset, you say?

    If I take it one way, I could argue that there are oblivious girls who wouldn’t know the Skyrim reference and take it to be pretty cool…

    And if I take it the other way, why would you build a piece of armour that’s locked on and you can’t take off? That gets sweaty and disgusting after a while, because, well, how the hell do you take a shower in that thing.

  2. I hate to say this, but that guy owns his own company, teaches scripting and coding and a few colleges, AND has a fairly smokin' girlfriend….

  3. needs red LEDs on the accent parts. some parts are made of a blacker metal and the horns are, well horns. like ivory but not ivory.

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