Featured 3D Short: Ruin by Oddball Animation [Video]

RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Thanks Craig!

[OddBall Animation]


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  1. So when is this game/movie coming out? :D Just kidding, but seriously, I would buy a feature-length product of this.

  2. The animation is superb! I'd love to see more of this stuff… they should expand the short to a feature length if possible…
    Seeing as it's TBC, let us know when the next installment is!

    • If you watched to the end or went to the website, you'd be as excited as I am that there's a promised sequel! And since on the website (conceptruin.com), he says "shorts," I'm thinking maybe he's going to expand to a series? Which would be awesome!

      Super stoked!!!

  3. GAH! The author of the film disabled comments on the original Vimeo movie. I'm REALLY curious as to how many man hours went into this film, how much computer power, what kind of tools, etc.

    For years since Kaze Ghost warrior, I knew we were fast approaching the ability of small groups of people or even midsized groups of people to create movies that easily rival anything a movie studio can put for for 100,000,000 dollars. Admittedly this was 8 minutes long, and I have no idea how much effort went into it. But I think we are close to if you can dream it, if you have the skills, if you have a backer, or the ability to put down some start up capitol you can make a movie. I think Iron Skies is a perfect example of this. Another is a movie by Freddie Wong http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/freddiew/vide

    I think Ruin could make a perfectly viable full length movie if it was crowd sourced and the original time had the right motivation. As it stands if nothing else it was a very entertaining 8 and change minutes.

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