Must-Watch Video: Riding the Boosters – Up and Down in 400 Seconds

Just got this from the guys at Glenn who are finalizing the new special edition DVD/BluRay version of Ascent:Commemorating Shuttle which this will be an extra on. The video is shot from the Solid Rocket Booster Perspective up and down with enhanced sound thanks to Ben Burtt’s son and the folks at Skywalker Sound. The team is still trying to figure out how to release this all to the public, but for now enjoy an exclusive first look.

[Via Michael Interbartolo]

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  1. amazing how close the two boosters landed to each other. It first looked like they were on separate trajectories and then the one camera captures the splash of the other. Way Cool

    • I think the splash you're talking about is actually a piece of the booster on which the camera was. There's a sort of explosion in towards the end (where you can see the debris go in an around the parachutes) and than the splash right beneath the booster, so I think it's a piece of the booster.
      (And there's another part of the booster, right at the end, some sort a capsule with a single parachute, which also we can see when there's this shot of the parachutes just after the "explosion").

      I think the other booster landed miles away from the first one.

  2. Amazing video. I'm confused by the comment, though. If this is to be an extra on the "Ascent" BluRay, then it sounds like they've figured out "how to release this all to the public."

    For those of us who would like to get their mitts on this BluRay the moment it's released, any idea when that will be? Weeks? Months?

    Here's the full original video, for those who are interested (and you know you are, if you're reading comments on this thread!)

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