Wolverine or Batman Looking Into a Mirror? [Picture]

My eyes had a bit of a spaz when I saw this – even now when I look at it my vision gets blurry because I keep seeing one and then the other.

Which do you see first?

[Via World of Superheroes]

8 Responses to Wolverine or Batman Looking Into a Mirror? [Picture]

  1. Since Wolverine is suggested at the top of the image I saw it first. I suspect if the two options had been switched I’d have seen them in the opposite order. No clue which I’d have seen without any suggestion printed on the image as I wasn’t given that opportunity.

  2. It would have to be two Batmen: In the Wolverine-aspect of the photograph, there's an oddly-placed downward-pointing arrow… In order for it to be a true optical illusion, it needs to be seamless. The addition of the arrow makes it anything but.

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