Microsoft’s New Experimental High Performance Touch Surface [Video]

Modern touch devices allow one to interact with virtual objects. However, there is a substantial delay between when a finger moves and the display responds. Microsoft researchers, Albert Ng and Paul Dietz, have built a laboratory test system that allows us to experience the impact of different latencies on the user experience. The results help us to understand how far we still have to go in improving touch performance.

[Microsoft Research]


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  1. I don't feel like there's this kind of lag on any of my touchscreen devices. My iPhone, iPad and HP Touchsmart all seem to be nearly instantaneous. What sort of touchscreens have such horrible lag?

    • I agree with Paul, I haven't noticed any kind of lag on the newer iOS devices and Android tablets (poorly tested android phones are a completely different story). But I guess they are trying to improve the Microsoft surface technology. That has a real bad lag, have one of them lying around in one of our Cisco labs, the only thing they are good for is a coffee table.

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