Guys Act Dumb Around Women

Something geeks (even the sexy ones [*pounds chest, kisses fist, gives the peace sign*]) have known since forever: women make us dumber.  Even if we’re all hyped up on Red Bull or something, we just lose cognitive function.  Because, well, they’re pretty, and…they smell good.  What’s that?  No, you spilled your spaghetti all over your shirt.  You silly goose.  You beautiful…delicate…goose.

Dutch researchers say (among other things in Dutch, I’m sure):

In two separate studies, the subjects performed the Stroop test twice: once while they believed they were alone, and a second time after being told someone of the opposite sex was watching them via webcam. In both cases the women’s performance during the second test was unchanged, but for the men, the mere thought of being watched by a woman caused their performance to plummet.


via Global Post


5 Responses to Guys Act Dumb Around Women

  1. Did they make the same test with observers of the same gender? It may be that men are just more sensitive to being observed in general, rather than being observed specifically by women.

    The conclusion is kiiiind of a stretch based on that study, isn't it?

    • science burn…. but i do agree not only is that a fall through but also a group of lesbian and bi women could have been sampled to see if (as is likely and familiar with this female who gets flustered by attractive humans of both sexes) being observed by someone of an appealing gender effects both genders and sexualities..

  2. There have been studies that showed men losing significant IQ points in the presence of beautiful women and to a lesser degree when looking at pictures of them. Causation was not discovered, but conjecture had the likelihood of hormone and brain chemistry changes due to arousal. I like to tell my wife she’s so beautiful it makes me stupid…that’s why I didn’t remember to take out the garbage. Yeah it doesn’t win me any points but I have to try.

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