Do Blind People See in their Dreams? [Video]

Tommy Edison, who has always been blind, was asked by some of his Youtube subscribers if people who have been blind since birth actually see in their dreams. Here’s his answer:

So I’ve bee blind since birth, so I’ve never seen anything in my life, so one of the things that you guys wonder about, is if I can see in my dreams. I think because I’ve never seen in real life, my sub-conscious doesn’t know what it’d be like to see, either, so, no. I don’t see in my dreams

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5 Responses to Do Blind People See in their Dreams? [Video]

  1. It is a strange thing to consider… But regarding dreams, it makes me wonder how a blind person differentiates between dream and reality.

  2. It's not sad, it's reality. Everyone is different in some way -being blind is not a tragedy. IF a majority of the world's population had a sixth sense and you only had the five you have now, would your life be sad? tragic? unlivable? Blind people don't want pity any more than the average sighted person.
    About the difference between dreams and reality… How does a sighted person know they're awake and not still in a dream? It's silly to think that a blind person wouldn't know any better either. When you close your eyes do you suddenly not know if you're awake or asleep?

  3. So does he dream or not? If he cant see but does dream does he experience feelings, fear, wet dreams even? During the process.

    Some people suggest and believe that an object is only seen by seeing people because the brain cancels out the infinite others so that we see only one, you know the whole parallel worlds, infinite…..

    And that is our reality, at least our observed reality so if the above is true and he cant see to have his brain cancel out the surrounding other infinite objects (a bouncing ball for example) then what is his reality?

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