Gadgets in 2000 vs. Gadgets in 2012 [Pic]



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  1. I can't say I agree with the flash drive or the wrist watch. I'd be a little nervous about plugging my phone into other people's computers to transfer files, and I find it much easier to flip my wrist to check the time than to pull out my cell phone and activate the screen. Otherwise, that is a pretty good list.

  2. One problem with that list is that a several of those items were outdated in 2000. (the Game Gear was released in 1990/1991 and had long since flopped). The sentiment is right, but I feel like the list was made by someone who wasn't really keen on gadgets in 2000. I was getting an

    I'm also kind of surprised a pager isn't on there. That's been a major shift as well.

    • Which the difference can been seen by the start button which is purple not blue ( to hard to tell in this picture b/c the purple and blue were so close)

  3. Gamegear is older than 2000`s, I had one when I was 9 … and that`s 20 year ago… in 2000`s I had a gameboy advance… so not totally correct.

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