Diablo 3 to be Released May 15th!

The long wait for Diablo3 is over. Well, almost over. The official release date for the game is May 15th, 2012. Yes. THIS YEAR.

While it was first officially announced for June 28, 2008, at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris, France, the Godfather of the dungeon adventure genre seemed to be in development forever. The former Blizzard North first started working on this chapter in 2001.

Anxious fans of the series were rightfully doubtful whenever news of a release date was leaked and speculated. Over a decade after the first inkling that this game was to hit retail shelves, the day is almost upon us. I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t so close. Video game release dates are as trustworthy as Email Money Laundering Schemes.

The game will deviate from its original Havok Physics Engine used in the first two chapters, even though general game play will be very similar to the traditional games. Blacksmiths and Jewelers will be present for enhancing or upgrading items and weapons.

Aside from the new character classes, the game will also introduce Followers (sidekick characters with their own talents and skills) and a new Hardcore Mode. Hardcore characters have only one life. You cannot resurrect a Hardcore character. Once they die in game, they are not playable again. Choose wisely.

Lastly, an auction house trade system will be established to enable you to use in-game and real world money to buy items. Online characters will be able to trade nearly every item with other online players. There is reportedly only very few unique items that will be bound to your character.

Are you jumping on the Diablo III bandwagon? What Character Class are you intending to play? I am going to try a Monk first!

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7 Responses to Diablo 3 to be Released May 15th!

  1. FINALLY!!! I'll most likely be a DH. Played the beta through with a DH and loved it. On a more serious note, I now have only two months to put together a good gaming computer. :/

  2. What? This was a terrible, nonsensical article.

    Hardcore was already covered.

    Havok is a physics engine. It wasn't used in previous Diablos because those were 2D, non-physics-based games. What do you mean "D3 deviated from Havok"? Other sources suggested they replaced Havok with a custom physics engine for D3. Is that what you meant?

    Followers were also in D2, as Mercs, and there were already blacksmiths and the gem slotting system.

    Everything you covered was already in the previous games. What's actually new in D3?

    It's understandable if you haven't played the original Diablos, what with them being so old now, but please at least do some basic fact-checking or talk to some developers, fans, gamers, ANYBODY, before you write things like this. Do you not have a single gamer on your staff? Sorry to be so harsh, but this was a truly terrible attempt at games reporting.

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