Dork Freaks Out Over Magic the Gathering Game [Video]

Warning: Strong Language.

Yeah, the whole thing was probably staged, but it’s still entertaining anyways.



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  1. Totally staged because the guy getting pissed that the other guy isn't finishing him off could just mana-burn himself to death.

    • Yeah I was wondering that too, crying about getting too much land and not getting killed…Just burn and call it a day.

      I meant to say is "What do you mean mana-burn, is that something I can do in WOW or on Skyrim? and What is this magic you speak of…"

      • This may have been a more recent game. They got rid of the mana burn rule here recently. I'm not sure exactly when, but it was before I started playing at the beginning of last summer.

    • gonna really show my geek here but there is no mana burn in magic anymore, and yes its totally staged but i have seen freak outs like this many times in tournaments.

  2. Staged or not, this has happened to me before. People who play like this keeps me away from game events. There have been similar reactions when I play at release days or regular FNMs. Either they get pissed because they think they know my next move and want to end the game (even though their predicted outcome is never the case), or they get angry because my "deck wasn't built right," even though we get handed the cards. MTG is my favorite game in the world, but a lot of people like this keep me from enjoying the social aspect.

  3. This was staged. The raging guy walked away smiling. If he were ACTUALLY that mad, he would have still been fuming as he walked away. Also, his table flip was totally anticipated. However, it makes me really happy that he table flipped. (?°?°??? ???

  4. Francis is indeed fake. If you go to the guy's YouTube page, he explains how he makes these videos and uses that voice to portray "Francis."

  5. I did like this video because it encapsulates a lot of little tiny jokes/experiences that all magic players have to deal with. I've never had anybody flip a board on me, but people who aren't used to playing against a certain game state can get pretty mad. I've even been that guy a few times (though I hope I'm more civil in my old age ~25yrs old). :P

  6. It's not staged… it's a skit. There's a difference. They're not EVER trying to say that Francis is a real person. This is a character.

    My biggest issue is that Francis perpetuates a bad stereotype about gamers/nerds/geeks.

  7. I don’t even understand the dialogue. Why’s the guy pissed? Is he mana hosed or something? Except for the lands, I don’t recognize any of the cards anymore.

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