Thoughts? New Video Ad Unit on [GAS]

Edit: Removed the ad unit for now. I have to reflect on this… :)

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently implemented a new video ad unit on [GAS], and I wanted to know if something like this would cause you to stop reading the site. The ad just plays once per 24 hours per U.S. user. This is obviously an important issue for me since I’m asking you guys about it, but know that the large majority of my income comes from the site, so something like this make a huge difference for me at the end of a month.

So let me know people, do you think you could live with something like this just once per 24 hours? Please let me know!


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  1. How long is it, and does it have a skip option after a few seconds? I mean, I appreciate the site, so do what you have to do for your bottom line, but they are annoying.

    • Yeah, you can close them easily…

      If too many people are complaining, I'll remove them… so it's important that you people let me know if this goes over the "limit" you can endure.

      • You should get them back anyway – they take very little space, and still 10$ is an extra 10$.

        Besides I think you didn't give it enough time to kick in – you had them only for like a 1 month or so? :-P You can also just put up a single button somewhere in the sidebar, instead of one per post. It will get you less $ but it will take even less space.

        I block adverts in my browser like most ppl do (not to mention I read most content from my rss reader, not from the websites), but I do willfully click flattr buttons on content that I like. Think about it ;-).

  2. Yo, you gots ta get paid!

    Don't worry about an ad, you can always cancel or stop listening, people in general are good at that.

  3. If a site auto-plays audio, I will close the tab and not return to it for some time, personally. Video ads are worse than pop ups and flashing .gif banners.

  4. Clarification: I mean video with sound. Silent video is distracting but doesn't provoke my "kill it with fire" response.

  5. I would agree with Astazha If it's a Silent-auto-play video I wouldn't mind a bit, especially if it helps, but what happened to this "Windows cloud thingy" video which pops up a while ago ?

  6. I usually visit the site once a day from the RSS feed in Google Reader. I think if that happened every day that I visited, I would stick to reading the articles inside Google Reader.

  7. For this site, I'd put up with a LOT more in terms of annoying ads than I would elsewhere, if just to support the site. But that is because I love this blog. It would take much more than a video ad to turn me away. If I were a new user, on the other hand, it would be pretty annoying. It's that pesky hijacking of speakers that may be tipping point.

    What other ad options do you have that could ramp up your revenue without hijacking speakers?

  8. I also agree that it should come on silent. I often use the "Open in New Tab" option to navigate to places like GAS, so that I read it when I get to it. Then I have to dig to find which one suddenly started spewing sound.

    • Unfortunately, it cannot come up as "silent" but it's easy to close fortunately since it pops into view from the bottom….

      • True, but in my browsing style, I tend to open 5-10 tabs at a time, in 2-3 different browsers. it takes a while to find it… As far as my vote, go ahead with it. I'll learn to deal.

      • I think most people tab browse in the same way – audio is the absolute worst thing you could do in my opinion. You'll drive new users away and existing users to ad-blocking.

  9. its just the audio what annoys me tbh, i think its worse for me mainly becuase i use firefox and hav it setup to forget eveything any site trys to store on my pc so every time i load a page i get the video starting.

    i dont know if this is what it causing it, i have no probs with stopping the audio it just stopping the audio every time the page is loaded.

    but like i say i think this is just me and i enjoy your site i would not stop reading over something so little

  10. I visit this site mostly at work, and always have ear phones plugged in but not on my head. I probably wouldn't even notice it. For my part, I don't care. Gotta' make the dolla' dolla' bills y'all.

  11. Im the same as you, i make money from ads as well. Not the best, but its still good. I say do it, you might lose 3 fans at the most, though it is sad, the loyal fans who actually understand that in order for you to make this site great you must put in alot of time, and you deserve to be paid for that.

    Just my opinion, but i think almost everyone agrees with me.

    If anyone would like to check out my blog, its I talk about Hacking and Security, were still kind of fresh, so dont hate :D

    ~The Dyzaster

  12. I'm sure most of the visitors would like to support the site and we'd like to keep it up and running… I know an audio file that autoplays can get annoying, but if it's only once a day and easily closable I guess I can live with it.

  13. Ads are fine. Autoplay video ads with audio that doesn't remember to stay muted are not. Having an ad blare inane banality at a high volume is worse than having a cold hand shoved down the pants.

  14. 1. I'm a UK user
    2. (I'm going to assume this is flash based) I have flash on Click-To-Play in the Chrome settings.
    3. I use Google Reader.

    I think I could live with this change.

  15. It wouldn't bother me. It's only particularly annoying when you start a video and then it decides to pitch in afterwards.

  16. It's the audio that's annoying. I wouldn't mind if it would pop up on silent, but having to turn the audio off every time I go to the site is a pain. But the videos themselves don't bother me.

  17. It appears that the core memberbase don't mind it if it means keeping you up, just be aware that it might hinder/stop your memberbase's growth, meaning less hits

    I'm not affected personally, due to my residence in the UK

  18. As long as you can adjust the sound volume down or be muted I’m OK with it. It’s the ads that force you to listen to the volume very loud and can’t be changed that prevents me from returning to a site.

  19. As a user from the United Kingdom I have found that on several occasions I have had multiple video ads on in a single day and In the case of some of them several played one after another while on the same page. This is very annoying when trying to watch a video post and some of the ads cannot be muted. I preferred it before.

  20. Take whatever you can from marketing spenders. It's not your fault if everyone blocks the ads and continues to enjoy the website.

  21. I typically only come to this site once a day. Being forced to see a large pop up ad would really deter me from making that visit. No, let me take that back… It would prevent me from ever coming back. I canceled my cable TV because I hate commercials. I have no problem deleting a bookmark for the same situation.

  22. I probably only click on this site once per day or less. If I got a pop up video in my face every single time I came on here, I'd probably avoid coming on here. Every 3 days or so, and I think I could live with it.

  23. Autoplay ads with sound are definitely a site-breaker for me. I often open many tabs at once and often when I'm already listening to something else. It is too aggravating to have to hunt down the tab making the unwanted noise. I'll try to give it a fair trial but I think something like this would make me stop visiting entirely.

  24. Depends, if its a small ad that plays in the corner whilst I scroll throught the site in blissful ignorance of it then no problem. If it's the type of ad that consumes the screen and you can't view the site until it has finished its piece then maybe a little more problem.

    Admittedly… either way, I only really view the site whilst having a bored moment at work (quite regularly) so all sites are subject to various internet/ad/pop-up blockers etc.

    I think do as you must, I would rather see a maintained good quality to the site rather than watch 'GAS' slip away because of money troubles.

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